Diablo 4: Legacy of the Magi Quest Walkthrough Guide

Here's how to complete the Sorcerer's Gift of the Magi quest and unlock your first Enhancement slot.

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The Diablo 4 Legacy of the Mgi quest is a specific mission for the Sorcerer class and unlocks at Level 15.  Class quests are incredibly important because they unlock new abilities crucial to your build and generally make your class fun to play. This one will take you into a dungeon and then a special cellar that only Sorcerers can enter. Your reward is your first Enhancement slot, which adds special properties to the spell you slot into it. Here’s how to complete the Legacy of the Magi quest in Diablo 4.

How to Complete the Legacy of the Magi Quest in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 Legacy of the Magi quest will pop up in your log automatically when you hit Level 15. You’ll be summoned by another Sorcerer named Mordarin, finding them at the southern end of the Fractured Peaks, just southwest of Nevesk. Mordarin is looking for a book called the Forgotten Codex, but it’s inside of a dungeon he’s not equipped for. If you get the book for him, however, he’ll share its secrets with you. Sounds fair, right?

Luckily, the dungeon you need to scour for the book is close by. It’s called Halls of Knowledge, and it’s just northeast of Mordarin’s location. You don’t have to complete Halls of Knowledge to find the book, but you do have to go into the dungeon. Because of that, I recommend not doing Halls of Knowledge until you get this quest when you’re playing Sorcerer. Otherwise, new enemies will spawn, and you’ll basically have to do the dungeon twice.

How to Find the Forgotten Codex

Diablo 4‘s dungeons have an element of procedural generation to them, so my version of the dungeon might be slightly different than yours. I found the book in a chest on the eastern side of the dungeon. Regardless of where its location is for you, an icon should display on your mini-map (and full dungeon map), showing you where to find it once you’re close to it.

Once you’ve got the Forgotten Codex, head back to Mordarin, whether you complete the dungeon or not. Once you get back, he’ll take you to a unique cellar that’s only available during this quest called the Abandoned Shack. You can’t enter this cellar unless you’re a Sorcerer, so any party members you have will have to stay outside.

Once inside, he’ll ask you to light the braziers around the room. Once you do, he’ll start the ritual… but the book is damaged. Mordarin isn’t worried, though, because he can infer the meaning from context. You can already tell how well this is going to go.

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Mordarin’s ritual goes wrong. Lots of demons pop in to kill you. You should kill them first since it’s a pretty easy fight. Once you’re done, Mordarin offers you the book as an apology, which opens up your Enhancement Slots and finishes the quest. You’ll get your next Enhancement Slot automatically at level 30.

And that’s how to complete the Legacy of the Magi in Diablo 4 and unlock the Sorcerer’s first Enhancement Slot. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, head over to our Diablo 4 guides page.

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