Diablo 4: What Are Sacred Items and How to Get Them

Diablo 4 Sacred Items elevate your gear to the next level.

Once you’re in World Tier 3 in Diablo 4, you may notice items dropping that have the word (Sacred) in parentheses. These are Sacred items and they can push your build past it’s current thresholds. Here’s how Diablo 4 Sacred items work and how to get them.

Diablo 4 Sacred Items

Sacred items are a special class of item that means it has higher Item Power and can be upgraded an additional time. Any level of item, from common to legendary, can be a Sacred item. These items often already come with higher Item Power than what you’re able to get throughout the campaign. Being able to upgrade them more is a big deal as well. Another upgrade means another boost to base stats, including your DPS for weapons.

  • You can get Sacred items by killing mobs and clearing Events on World Tier 3 or 4.
  • Sacred items are best farmed in Nightmare Dungeons.

I go into these in more detail below.

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How to Get Sacred Items in Diablo 4

Sacred items can only be obtained in Worlds 3 and 4. Once you complete the campaign you’ll need to make it through the Capstone in World 2 in order to unlock World 3. When you get there, Sacred items will start dropping as loot from all mobs you kill, Events completed, and from The Whispering Tree caches. These can vary in rarity and power level, with some being worth more than others.

How to Farm Sacred Items

For the most efficient Sacred item farming, you’ll want to head into a Nightmare Dungeon. The loot dropped in the dungeon has a higher chance of being Sacred than loot dropped during events or from mobs. You’ll also be able to earn rare upgrade materials for completing the dungeon and a chance to upgrade Glyphs. If you’re looking for specific Sacred Items this’ Nightmare Dungeons are the place to go.

That’s all you need to know about Sacred items in Diablo 4. For more on new items in D4, how to get Scattered Prisms, or defeat World Bosses, check out our guide library.

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