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Diablo 4: Woodsman of Nevesk Quest Walkthrough Guide

Here's how to complete The Woodsman of Nevesk quest in Diablo 4.

The Diablo 4 Woodsman of Neversk quest is one of the many side quests available in Fractured Peaks. It is available early in the game (once you can see the Nevesk Waypoint on your map) and is the start of a three-part chain. Here’s our complete walkthrough guide for Diablo 4 The Woodsman of Nevesk quest.

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How to Complete The Woodsman of Nevesk Quest in Diablo 4

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The long and short for completing this quest is as follows:

  • Grab the quest from Magdalena in Nevesk.
  • Find the Axe of the Woodsman.
  • Use the Axe of the Woodsman.
  • Slay the Woodsman.
  • Collect the Axe of the Woodsman.
  • Return the Axe to Magdalena.
  • Completed
  • Reward: Fractured Peaks Renown, item cache, gold, and XP.

How to Start The Woodsman of Nevesk Quest

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To start this quest, speak to Magdalena in Nevesk. I found her just southeast of the Nevesk Waypoint. She’s rummaging through the ruins of Nevesk’s church — the same one where you see your first vision of Lilith in Act 1.

Magdalena is looking for the Axe of the Woodsman, a man who stalked and butchered travelers in the area. He’s disappeared, but the axe is still around and a priest named Parin wants it.

The Axe of the Woodsman Location

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You’ll find the axe almost directly to the northeast of Nevesk. It’s embedded in a tree stump overlooking a cliff. You’ll know when you’re close because your search area will narrow significantly.

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Use the axe. This summons The Woodsman, as it turns out, is a demon and not particularly happy to see you. He’s a got a couple aspects that buff him — mine had Cold Enchanted and Vampiric — but he’s a pretty easy fight. I froze him with my Sorceress’ Frost Nova ability and then blew him up with Ice Shards before he could do much of anything.

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Once The Woodsman is down, pick up The Woodsman’s Axe off the ground. Then head back to Magdalena. I teleported to Nevesk’s Waypoint, but you can walk if you like. Once you’re there, hand over the axe. This completes the quest. You’ll receive 20 Fractured Peaks Renown, an item cache, and some money for your trouble. Magdalena will leave to take the axe to Parin, but not before she says she feels like she’s being watched. You’ll find out what that means in Chain of Possession, the next quest in this series.

And that’s how to complete the Woodsman of Nevesk Quest in Diablo 4. For more tips, tricks, and guides, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub.

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