Learn how to accomplish quests and what decisions to make in this guide to Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2 Quest Guide: A Long Day in Dunwall

Learn how to accomplish quests and what decisions to make in this guide to Dishonored 2.
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Every mission in Dishonored 2 has several quests to accomplish, which will require you to make decisions that may significantly influence the rest of your walkthrough.

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This quick guide is dedicated to the Dunwall mission, which introduces the main characters and objectives that you will have to pursue.

The First Big Decision

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The very first cutscene will put you in a position to choose the game’s main protagonist — Corvo or Emily.

If you played the first Dishonored, you will know that Corvo is a skilled assassin, but his daughter Emily first appears in Dishonored 2, and she offers a stealthier approach to the gameplay.

So, if you don’t know who to choose consider the following:

  • Choose Emily — if you want to take a subtle approach to the game, and even finish it without killing a single person.
    • She also has a whole set of brand new powers unavailable to Corvo.
  • Choose Corvo — if you want to bring chaos to your game and kill each and every target.

Mortimer Ramsey

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Your first big target is Mortimer Ramsey who keeps the Signet Ring, which is required to open a secret safe room.

Mortimer is located in the grand hall of the Dunwall Tower. Approach this quest stealthily by hiding behind the pillars on the right-hand side. Wait for him to finish talking to the guards. He will then leave the hall, and that’s when you can attack him from behind.

In case you decide to attack Ramsey before he separates from his guards, you will be instantly attacked by the soldiers that will be coming from all sides. So, wait before he leaves the hall if you want to remain stealthy.

  • If you play for Emily, it’s a good idea to just knock him out, and then carry his body to the safe room.
    • In this way Emily earns an achievement for not killing the enemies.
  • On the other hand, if you play for Corvo, it is better to assassinate Mortimer.

Dr. Galvani’s Apartment

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This is a side quest, so you don’t need to accomplish it, but if you do, you get a lot of valuable loot, such as 150 coins and more bullets.

Dr. Galvani’s apartment is located to the left of the street where you jump from Dunwall Tower. There will be a guard inside who needs to be taken down before you can loot the place.

Sneak inside the apartment and go to the other room. There you will find a safe that needs to be opened. The password can be found behind the painting imprinted into the frame. Open the safe and grab the loot.

The Dreadful Wale

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The final quest requires you to get to the boat at the port of the Dunwall. Get there through the streets as stealthily as possible. There are many guards everywhere, and if you go on a killing spree, you will have to spend time hiding the bodies.

When you reach the boat, you will enter The Void. There you will meet The Outsider who will offer you a choice of accepting or rejecting its supernatural powers.

  • If you accept the Outsider’s Mark as Emily — you will instantly obtain the Far Reach ability that allows Emily to jump higher.
    • She will also receive her mother’s heart, which can be used for locating runes that grant new powers.
  • If you accept the Outsider’s Mark as Corvo — you will get the Blink ability, similar to Emily’s Far Reach.
  • If you reject the Outsider’s Mark — your characters will have no super powers in the game.
    • This makes the gameplay much harder and will require you to focus solely on your weapons and stealth tactics, so think carefully.

These tips should help you make it through the first mission of Dishonored 2.

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