Dishonored 2 Quest Guide: Edge of the World

Learn how to finish quests and what decisions to make in this guide to Dishonored 2.

Learn how to finish quests and what decisions to make in this guide to Dishonored 2.
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In our last Dishonored 2 quest guide, we made our way through the game’s first mission, A Long Day in Dunwall. Your next mission, should you choose to accept it, requires you to get to the Addermire Station (which is heavily guarded) and take a carriage to the Addermire Institute.

There are two side quests that you need to accomplish in order to safely get to the station and collect more runes, bonecharms and other valuable items.

The Black Market

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You will find the black market to the left of the port you arrive in at the beginning of the mission. Inside the market, you will find the Shopkeeper, who sells some good stuff.

  • If you play as Emily, don’t kill the Shopkeeper.
    • Buy at least two things from him: the rune and the treasure map.
  • If you play as Corvo, you can kill the Shopkeeper and take all his stuff for free.
    • But beware that after you do this, the shop will not be available anymore.

You can rob the black market by finding a key to it in the adjacent building, the one with all the bloodflies. Go to the upper floor and eliminate the Nestkeeper. The key to the market is located inside the glass container.

Mindy Blanchard

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Mindy’s quest is also optional, but if you do it, then one of her men will turn off the power on the tracks that will make your way up to the carriage much simpler.

You can find Mindy behind the window near the black market at the stairs. She will ask you to bring her the body that is being kept by the Overseers.

Go back to the building with bloodflies and go to the very top to find the balcony. From there you will see the Overseer’s interrogation building. Just use your Far Reach power to get to the building.

Inside you will find a room with two Overseers. You’ll need to steal the key from one of them, then unlock the next room. There, you’ll find the body. Take it back to Mindy.

The Addermire Station

dishonored 2 screenshot

On your way to the Addermire Station, you will go through the Winslow building, where you can find the key at the back of the building to Dr. Hypatia’s apartment.

Go up the stairs and loot the apartment, then go back down. You will find a big safe with a bonecharm inside. The combination to this safe can be found at the cash register by the front door.

When you’re done with the side quests, you can proceed to the station.

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