Hakuna Matata is a new quest for Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Find out how to complete it here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Hakuna Matata Quest Walkthrough

Hakuna Matata is a new quest for Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Find out how to complete it here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Pride of the Valley update brings Simba and new quests to explore alongside him. Once you’ve reached Friendship Level 2, you’ll be able to start his first quest, Hakuna Matata. There are several steps to complete, and you’ll find all you need to know about the quest in this guide.

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How to Complete Hakuna Matata in Dreamlight Valley

To get Simba to Friendship Level 2 easily, you can gift him items and talk to him. Once you do, the quest will automatically become available.

You’ll need to talk to Simba a few times throughout Hakuna Matata, so we recommend asking him to hangout for the duration of the quest.

  • Once you’ve reached Friendship Level 2, speak to Simba to obtain the quest.
  • Simba will tell you he thinks everyone in the Valley needs to learn to relax and experience Hakuna Matata. 
  • Equip a casual outfit to truly relax. You’ll need to go into your Wardrobe menu and select Simba’s face from the top of the page to see your clothing items.
  • Equip 3 casual clothing items, and then return to Simba.
  • Talk to Simba again, and he’ll recall a relaxing oasis from the Lion King realm and that he needs your help recreating it.
  • You place 3 seating furniture items and 5 landscaping furniture items in the Peaceful Meadow.
  • Go into your furniture menu, and select Simba’s face as you did before. There will be two tabs you’ll have to visit. One for your seating and another for the landscaping. 
  • Place the items in your Peaceful Meadow, and then return to Simba. 
  • Talk to Simba, and he’ll tell you the Lion King realm had a pool to cool off in, and the Peaceful Meadow needs one, too. You’ll have to go to Scrooge McDuck next.
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck, and he’ll tell you that you can order a Relaxing Oasis pool through him by trading 2 Shiny Aquamarine (here’s how to get Auqmarine in DDV), 2 Shiny Peridot, 3 Topaz, 5 Peridot, and 5 Garnet gems — or by simply paying 9,000 Star Coins. It’s a lot less work to pay the 9,000 Star Coins, so we recommend that option.
    • If you need to make some quick Coin, you can go pick fruit from your trees and sell it at a Goofy stand. Fruit regrows every 20 minutes.
  • Purchase and place the Relaxing Oasis somewhere in your Peaceful Meadow by going to your furniture menu. It’ll appear under Simba’s tab.
  • Return to Simba once more, and talk to him.
  • He’ll tell you that the Peaceful Meadow is now the perfect place for villagers to relax. You’ve now completed the Hakuna Matata quest!

Well, that’s it for our guide on how to complete the Hakuna Matata quest for Simba. If you found this article helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides.

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