Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Complete The Dark Castle Quest

Here's how to complete the Dark Castle quest in DLV.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle Quest guide
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The Remembering update of Disney Dreamlight Valley brings the long-awaited conclusion of The Forgotten storyline. The Dark Castle quest is the penultimate quest in the main story and will bring Dreamers one step closer to the finale. Here’s our complete guide for completing the Dark Castle quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Dark Castle Walkthrough in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After completing The Forgotten Relics quest, you’ll be able to start The Dark Castle quest by speaking with Merlin. It’s time to put an end to the Forgotten’s chaos once and for all. You’ll first need to follow Merlin to the Plaza.

  • Talk to Melin in the Plaza, and a portal will appear to the Dark Castle. Enter it. 
  • You’ll need to clear some night thorns to proceed throughout the castle.
  • Once you’ve night thorns, approach the first Dreamlight door you see directly in front of you. You’ll learn it won’t let you through unless you appear like the Forgotten.

How to Enter the First Dark Castle Door

  • Go to the right side of the room and investigate the Wardrobe. You’ll find a pair of Cardboard wings. 
  • Equip the Cardboard wings from your Wardrobe inventory. Any pair of wings will work, but I went with the Cardboard wings to stay true to the story. You’ll also need to equip the Onyx Crown.
  • The door will now believe you’re the Forgotten. Interact with it again to enter the next area.

How to Enter the Second Dark Castle Door

  • The second Dark Castle door is past a few more thorns, but you’ll pass by a table with some ingredients on it. 
  • Approach the table and collect the Thorn Sprout, Dreamlight Salt, and Dark Castle Lettuce.
  • Go to the cooking station next to the table and combine Thorn Sprout, Dreamlight Salt, and Dark Castle Lettuce. You’ll cook a Night Thorn Sprout Salad.
  • Go back to the second door and give the salad to the door, you’ll now be able to enter the next area.

How to Enter the Third Dark Castle Door

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle Quest guide third door puzzle camera
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  • The third Dark Castle door is the easiest, you’ll simply need to equip your Camera from your equipment wheel and take a photo with it.
  • The door will reveal itself and you can proceed to the next area.

How to Enter the Fourth Dark Castle Door

  • The fourth Dark Castle door is the most complicated. You’ll see this area is covered in Ice mounds. You’ll need to equip your Royal Pickaxe for this part.
  • There are four torches you need to find: the Dawn Torch, the Noon Torch, the Dusk Torch, and the Night Torch. I found two Torches laying on the ground, and the remaining two in the large Ice mounds.
  • Once you have all four Torches, you’ll need to interact with the large stone circle in the center of the area.
  • I quickly realized that it doesn’t matter what order you put them in, and the slot will only accept the correct torch, so don’t stress about this step.
  • After you place all four Torches, a gold fishing spot will appear in the center of the stone circle.
  • Equip your Royal Fishing Rod and fish the gold fishing spot, you’ll receive a key.
  • Place the key in the fourth door and enter the next area.
  • This concludes the Dark Castle quest. Once you enter the next area, you’ll automatically begin The Remembered quest to reach the final conclusion and learn your history with the Forgotten.

Even though we’re near the end of the main story, there’s plenty more to do in DLV, and future updates planned. Check out tons of recipes, walkthroughs, and more at our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub here.

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