Disney Dreamlight Valley's Stitch needs a hobby, and the third friendship quest will help him find one. Here's how to complete Stitch's Hobby quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Stitch’s Hobby Quest Walkthrough Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Stitch needs a hobby, and the third friendship quest will help him find one. Here's how to complete Stitch's Hobby quest.

Stitch’s Hobby Quest is available after completing the two subsequent quests Goodness Level Check, Very Sleepy Stitch, and reaching friendship level 7 with Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will explain all you need to know about Stitch’s Hobby Quest and the adventure that awaits.

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Stitch Hobby Quest Walkthrough

You will initiate the quest by talking to Stitch, and he will tell you that he is bored. Stitch is a rambunctious little fellow, and to maintain his goodness levels, it is best for the Valley to keep him entertained by helping him find a hobby. 

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How to Repair Stitch’s Television

You learn that he loves to watch TV, but his television broke! You are going to help him repair it, and here are the items you will need:

  • The Broken Television
  • 9 Tinkering parts
    • Tinkering parts are crafted with 2 Iron Ingots. One Iron Ingot requires 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal ore. You will require 18 Iron Ingots, which are crafted from 90 Iron Ore and 18 Coal Ore total.
  • 3 Gold Ingots
    • Gold Nuggets can be mined in the Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands. One Gold Ingot requires 5 Gold Nuggets and 1 Coal Ore. You will need 15 Gold Ingots and 5 Coal Ore. 
  • 3 Glass
    • One glass can be crafted from 5 Sand found digging on Dazzle Beach, and 1 Coal Ore. You will need 15 Sand and 3 Coal Ores in total. You can also find glass in the Wall-E realm. 

Once you have collected the materials you can repair the Television at a Crafting Bench. 

You will then return to Stitch, and give him his repaired Television. Stitch will invite you to watch an adventure movie with him,  which will inspire him to go on a real adventure to scary places with real monsters. 

Stitch will ask you to get dressed for the journey, and you will need to change into a sporty top, sporty pants, and sporty shoes. When you go into your wardrobe inventory, the quest clothing will be featured above your categories. After you change, speak to Stitch to start the next quest sequence.

Scary Adventure With Stitch Locations

First, you will take Stitch to the bottom of the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach. We have marked the location on the map below.

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You will have to walk Stitch to the very bottom of the cave, and then speak with him. Stitch will say the cave is not scary enough because there are no monsters, and that he wants to meet a real sea monster on his adventure. 

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You will then take him to Ursula’s house, who isn’t too pleased about your visit, and so you need to speak with her. Ursula, in her villainous glory, says you need to leave before Stitch becomes a part of her soul garden. 

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Ursula did a good job of frightening Stitch, and now he wants to speak with a friendlier sea creature. Bring Stitch to Ariel, and watch their conversation.

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Stitch will reveal he likes to play music, and you will suggest that he pick it up as a hobby, and that he should put on a show for the Valley. Stitch will reveal a Ukelele and start to play music for you. This will conclude the Hobby quest, and Stitch will now play Ukelele music throughout your Valley.

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