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Does Endless Dungeon Have Local Co-op? Answered

Endless Dungeon does have co-op, but does it have local co-op?

Amplitude’s Endless Dungeon launched across multiple platforms today, revamping and refining the ideas that Dungeon of the Endless brought to the table in 2014. A lot has changed from one iteration of the title to the next, but there’s still a heavy co-op focus for those who like their top-down roguelite action on the more frantic side. In this guide we’ll touch on what sort of co-op it has. Does Endless Dungeon have local co-op? Online co-op? Let’s find out.

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Does Endless Dungeon Have Local Co-op? Answered

There is nothing easy about this game. You’ll want to do co-op if you have the option, since protecting your crystal from the hordes the game throws at you is such a hefty task. The original title, Dungeon of the Endless, also has multiplayer co-op because it is just as much of a meat grinder.

Endless Dungeon follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in a few ways, one of which being how it does co-op. You do have online co-op as an option, but Endless Dungeon does not have local co-op of any variety. No splitscreen and no limited single-screen co-op option is available.

All of Amplitude’s games are best in multiplayer, but local co-op isn’t a forte of theirs and it is lacking in this release. This is a shame for console players hoping to play with friends and family, but it tracks with the developer’s history.

It’s also worth noting that the co-op in Endless Dungeon is uneven. While the host will meet progression milestones and complete quests, other players in a session will not be able to do so. If you were hoping to get the full experience in a multiplayer session, you are out of luck. However, if you’re joining a player who has progressed further along than you have, you’ll have access to the features they’ve unlocked so far.

That hopefully answers your question about whether Endless Dungeon has local co-op, which it unfortunately does not for those hoping to play together in real life. There’s a lot else to enjoy in this sequel, though. Look for our upcoming review and Endless Dungeon guides here on GameSkinny.

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