Does Remnant 2 Have New Game Plus Mode — Answered

Find out if Remnant 2 has a traditional New Game Plus Mode.

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Is there are Remnant 2 New Game Plus Mode? We’ve got the answer for you right here. With several zones, enemies, loot, and secrets, you’re bound to spend hours playing the campaign. Naturally, you might want to know what happens after the credits roll. However, do note that this guide contains minor spoilers about the conclusion of the story.

Is There a Remnant 2 New Game Plus Mode

Unfortunately, no, Remnant 2 does not have a New Game Plus Mode. Once you defeat the final boss, you’ll be treated to the game’s ending cutscene, and you’ll receive a bunch of goodies, such as the Scholar trait, Forgotten Memory material (for the Alpha/Omega gun), and Broken Compass item, which also unlocks the Explorer archetype.

You can still revisit the game’s areas (barring some drastic outcomes that can make some of them inaccessible). Moreover, you should still return to Ward 13 to exchange any items or materials that you’ve found. Thankfully, there are also a couple of options that you can try if you want to continue onward.

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Reroll the Campaign

While there’s no Remnant 2 New Game Plus Mode, you can reroll the campaign anytime you wish. This is done by interacting with a waypoint crystal and selecting the World Settings option. As the term implies, rerolling the campaign would set you all the way back to the first biome, which can be random in terms of location and storyline.

For instance, I initially went through the campaign by starting in Losomn’s Dran Quarters. However, when I did a campaign reroll, I arrived at Losomn’s Castle area. That means the main quest was different, too. Moreover, it’s possible to start in a completely different biome, such as Yaesha or N’erud.

More importantly, you get to keep your levels and gear when you reroll, but you lose out on all storyline progression and tagged checkpoints/fast travel points.

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Adventure Mode

In comparison to the above, Remnant 2‘s Adventure Mode is a bit like a self-contained run within a single biome / zone. That means you’ll go through that branch only, and then tackle the bosses therein. You can start the Adventure Mode of a particular biome by clearing it (i.e., defeating that zone’s final boss) during the campaign.

To be clear, although Remnant 2 doesn’t have an actual New Game Plus Mode, these two options still allow you to experience dynamic campaign progression. Perhaps you want to experience a different branch in the story, or you’d like to have quick, short runs with your friends.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about the alternatives to a traditional New Game Plus Mode in Remnant 2. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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