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Does Risk of Rain Returns Have Local and Online Co-op?

Does Risk of Rain Returns have functional local and online multiplayer? Find out in this guide.

Online multiplayer was a huge success in Risk of Rain 2 and fans have been wondering what it’ll look like in Returns. So does Risk of Rain Returns have local and online co-op

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Besides remastering the engine and gameplay, RoR Returns’ goal was to bring a modern take on online co-op to the original. Has Hopoo managed to do it and does the game have crossplay?

Risk of Rain Returns: Does It Have Online and Local Co-op

On launch, Risk of Rain Returns will support both local and online co-op. This means that you can play the game both on your couch via one screen with friends and engage in online multiplayer.

Multiplayer was essentially Hopoo’s main goal and the gameplay is designed with co-op in mind. That’s why Returns has a lot of supportive characters and abilities that benefit the team. For example, I found that the Drifter’s item spawning ability or the Bandit’s Flashbang AoE blind bring a lot of utility in single-player but truly shine in co-op.

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Is Risk of Rain Returns Crossplay?

Unfortunately, Risk of Rain Returns currently doesn’t support crossplay. It remains to be seen whether the game will launch on consoles and support cross-play in the future. That said, Risk of Rain 2 didn’t support cross-platform play so I don’t think Return will either.

That said, if your group is playing on PC, the game promises a seamless and streamlined multiplayer mode. It’s all a matter of a quick and simple invite, party formation, and jumping into the game. We’ll have to stay vigilant on launch and see whether this is true or not but Hopoo shows a lot of promise.

So does Risk of Rain Returns have online and local co-op? Yes, you can play both local and online multiplayer on both your PC and Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to our Risk of Rain Returns guide hub for more useful articles on the game.

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