Does Terra Nil Have Controller Support? Answered

Curious about Terra Nil's controller support options? Here's what you need to know.

Curious about Terra Nil's controller support options? Here's what you need to know.

Terra Nil controller support would add another way to play the reverse city builder on mobile devices and PC. While playing the desktop version of the game with mouse and keyboard comes naturally given the genre, the iOS and Android editions feature touch controls that make things a tad more difficult than they ought to be. So does the game feature gamepad support? 

Can You Play Terra Nil With a Controller? 

The short answer to whether you can play Terra Nil with a controller or not is, no: the game doesn’t currently feature gamepad support on PC or mobile devices. There have been some questions about whether developer Free Lives plans to bring the functionality to the game in the future, with fans asking since at least early 2022 on various platforms.

And it does appear that the team is considering the possibility. 

On the Terra Nil Steam forums, there are several threads that ask about Terra Nil controller support, and one of the developers has said that the team is looking into potentially adding the ability to use controllers and gamepads. 

In response to a Steam forum post on April 1, 2023, hyphenza said: “Thanks for the suggestion — controller support is something we’re looking at!”. Though it’s not a confirmation that you’ll be able to reclaim the wastes with something other than touch controls or a mouse and keyboard, it’s exciting for fans of the game to have another input method in the future potentially. 

Though you can rebind controls on the PC version of Terra Nil, there’s no way to change inputs on the mobile versions of the game, either. 

And that answers if Terra Nil has controller and gamepad support. We’ll update this article if anything changes in the future. For more, consider checking out our guides on how to find all animals and make a lake. If you’re wondering, we’ve also got an article on how to get trees in Abandoned Quarry

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