Does The Finals Have Crossplay? Answered

The Finals is having an amazing launch. If your friends are spread across different platforms, can you use crossplay?

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The Finals got crazy high player counts during its time in beta, and it’s knocking on just under 200k concurrent players on Steam right now, less than 24 hours after launch. If you’re playing on one platform and your friends are on another, you might want to know if The Finals has crossplay.

Is The Finals Cross Platform, and Does It Have Crossplay?

We all know the pain of wanting to play a game with a friend (or group) and finding they’re playing on another platform, locking you from playing together. That shouldn’t be an issue in 2023, but some publishers haven’t gotten the memo. Either that or certain console manufacturers (looking at you, Sony) just won’t let a game have cross-platform play. Luckily, neither is the case with The Finals.

There’s full and seamless crossplay in The Finals between PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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Does The Finals Have Cross-progression?

Even these days, it’s rare that a game have both cross-progression and crossplay. We’re in luck with this one, especially since The Finals is free-to-play. You don’t even have to buy multiple copies, and you don’t have to convince your friends to spend a dime to play with you, either. The game supports full cross-progression, meaning you can hop between PC and your console of choice using the same account and keep your unlocks and rank.

The Finals is one competitive and fast-paced FPS that no experienced three-player squad will miss out on since it’ll take teamwork to succeed between the game’s three modes. One person in my group keeps raging over randoms when he solo queues, which is exactly why I don’t bother and it’s best to play this one with people you can rely on.

And with that, you now know whether The Finals is crossplay and whether it has cross-progression. The answer to both is a resounding “Yes,” and you should take advantage of it if you have friends who might want to play despite being on different platforms. Check out more guides on The Finals here on GameSkinny.

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