Doomtown: Dudes Of The Law Dogs, Part 2

The second half of the Law Dogs focus on bounty hunting.
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My first article focused on the cheatin’ responses available to the Law Dogs. In this second examination of the Law Dogs, I’ll introduce you to the dudes designed to hunt down the criminals of Gomorra.

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Abram Grothe

Abram is a solid shooter for five Ghost Rock. He has a built in job action. Jobs on dudes have a power all their own. They don’t have to be at the target’s location to start the job, meaning Abram can use his job to move to a Holy Ground that would normally be several moves away.

The downside is that his job targets the location. If your opponent wants to, he just has to go home booted to avoid the loss. If you are lucky enough to have a Holy Ground with a few booted abominations or wanted dudes, Abram would be perfect for taking out the whole location. The big trick is, he still has to win the shootout. A better way to see this ability is that Abram can bring a group of shooters to a Holy Ground, fight it out and then run home after the job is complete, never leaving your dudes in harms way.

Tip: The job Abram starts won’t be fully resolved until after the leader and his posse move back home, so Abram can start this job at an opponent’s Holy Ground deed, become wanted, and not discard himself with the effect. 

Clyde Owens

Clyde is an excellent shooter with a decent influence to boot. Owen’s ability can call out a dude at any location. This makes Clyde one of the few that can call someone out while booted and he can call out dudes while they are in their Outfits.

As long as the target is wanted, Clyde can’t be refused. The Law Dogs could make a dude hiding at home wanted, then charge in with Clyde to finish him off.


Judge Harry Somerset

Harry has one of the best natural influence values in the Law Dogs, but he doesn’t carry a good bullet value to go with it. Just like Abram, Harry can start a job using his ability. The Judge’s ability is stronger than Abrams because the mark can’t run away.

Somerset can bring some reinforcements with him to make sure he wins or pick on weak targets that your opponent doesn’t want to spend resources to defend. Either way, the Judge wins.

Prescott Utter

Prescott doesn’t hunt down wanted dudes all that well, but he works well with others, even though he is a drunk.

His bullets and influence increase for each Law Dog at his location, including himself. It means he will have at least a 1 influence and bullet rating. Add in a couple of pals and Prescott gets strong enough to be dangerous. His influence can also be boosted to the point where he can use the Law Dogs Outfit to hit some high influence targets.


Wendy Cheng

Wendy has a built in Pistol Whip. She has to be standing in order to use it. Horses and Blueticks will be an excellent way to keep her up long enough to use her ability. She can also use abilities that move her around without booting. A Secret Tunnel or Clear Out! can get Wendy where she needs to be without booting.

If she is already booted, she can be fixed with Missed! and if she survives a fight, Good Stiff Drink will allow her to use her ability a second time later in the turn. She is also good at starting a fight with one opposing dude, just to send that dude home, leaving you in control of her location.


The Law Dogs don’t have the raw potential that the Sloane Gang does, but they have better abilities to make sure they can fight wanted dudes. Thanks to their Outfit, they can choose nearly anyone to be the target of these awesome abilities. The Law Dogs require a little finesse to handle since their abilities aren’t as obvious as the other gangs. Mix up the strong shooters with their ability to discourage cheatin’ and you should come out on top.

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