Doomtown: The Dudes Of The Fourth Ring, Part 2

In Part 2 of the Dudes of The Fourth Ring, I examine all the support available to protect the Hucksters of The Fourth Ring.

In Part 2 of the Dudes of The Fourth Ring, I examine all the support available to protect the Hucksters of The Fourth Ring.
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The second half of the dudes in Fourth Ring are designed to support the Hucksters that the Fourth Ring relies heavily on. Nearly every one of these support characters gets stronger in some way when paired with a Huckster.

Arnold McCadish

Arnold is the first and one of the best support characters that The Fourth Ring has access to. He gives you 2 influence for zero upkeep and a great ability as well. When you choose to sacrifice a dude as a discarded casualty, Arnold can attempt to save him. As long as Arnold’s pull is higher than the dude’s value, that dude goes home booted instead of to the discard pile and it still counts as if your posse took that casualty.

Fourth Ring has several low value dudes that are easy to save, especially when you are already building a deck around high-value pulls in order to succeed on Hexes. Avie Cline can be discarded for two casualties since she is Harrowed and Arnold can still attempt to save her. If you build a deck around Jacks, Queens and Kings, even that pull won’t be hard to pass.


Bobo starts out as a badly costed 1-Stud shooter. His upkeep of three makes him a tough choice in a faction that has some issues with income early in the game.

Bobo pays off when you play with Hucksters that have at least a skill of 2. He becomes a 3-Stud with a better cost and upkeep than Steven WilesHe doesn’t carry the same influence, but his Abomination keyword makes him a perfect target for Raising Hell to bring him into play multiple times for shootouts.


Kevin Wainright

Kevin is another character who isn’t impressive in his own right, but once his ability is considered he can be pretty scary. During the Noon phase, he can make a free move to the same location as a Huckster. It doesn’t have to be your Huckster. Once he makes the move, he becomes a stud for the rest of that turn.

Fourth Ring has access to three characters that can all be 3-Stud with only a little help. Kevin also has one of the few ways to get a free move. He and Micah can both threaten an enemy’s deed without even being booted when they get there.

The Ghostly Gun

The Ghostly Gun has an excellent bullet and influence stat like most of the dudes that share the 8 of Spades rank. His Abomination keyword makes him another character useful for Raising Hell. His Resolution ability allows you to effectively use him as a Joker in a shootout hand. He’s a bit expensive to bring back in to play multiple times, but his ability can also save him. You can trigger his ability before taking casualties. Even if you are in a losing fight, this can save you from getting your Ghostly Gun aced. If he is the last member of his posse, the shootout ends immediately.


Tyxarglenak is more easily recognized by the name Tyx. He is the definition of Huckster support. As long as he is at the same location as your hucksters, those hucksters are protected from card effects that could target Tyx instead of them.

This is mostly useful to prevent your hucksters from getting hit with a Pistol Whip or Unprepared in a shootout. This also protects those hucksters from a Kidnapping or Ambush.

With that kind of heat, it is fortunate that Tyx can get pulled back time and again by Raising Hell. He is no slouch in combat with a 2-Stud if he doesn’t get kicked out of the fight.

Fourth Ring Support

The Fourth Ring has access to excellent support dudes. The biggest problem is trying to find a solid balance between hucksters and support for your starting posse. The Fourth Ring can run into plenty of influence and shootout issues if you manage to get the balance wrong. Check out the Hucksters these guys are meant to protect in Part 1.

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