Dragon Age Inquisition: How to Unlock Multiplayer Characters

This guide explains everything about unlocking multiplayer characters in Dragon Age Inquisition!
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BioWare decided to go the Mass Effect 3 route with Dragon Age Inquisition and have multiplayer. It wasn’t a last minute decision, however, and they did a great job at it. The way it works and how you unlock characters is confusing at first. 

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I’m here to help you understand how to unlock the other classes in multiplayer, as well as some tips on doing so. If you’d like help with something else, please visit my Dragon age Inquisition Beginner’s Guide and Tips.

This guide will go over everything about unlocking characters in multiplayer including:

  • How to Unlock Characters – The materials needed to unlock each character and how to get them.
  • Unlocking Tips – Tips on getting materials and unlocking characters faster.

How to Unlock Characters

Unlocking characters in the multiplayer is different from most games. You have to craft a character’s armor to unlock them. You can also find their armor from an item, but it is very rare.

  • Go to crafting on the multiplayer menu, then armor crafting.
  • Switching pages will show you each character currently available in the game.
  • Selecting a character you don’t have shows 4 hexagons and a message explaining that doing this unlocks the character.
  • It also tells you how many materials you need to unlock a character. This differs between characters, but the basics are similar between classes, such as, Rogues, Mages, or Warriors.

Here are the basics needed depending on class:

  • Rogue – 1 set of cloth, 1 set of metal, 2 sets of leather.
  • Warrior – 1 set of cloth, 2 sets of metal, 1 set of leather.
  • Mage – 2 sets of cloth, 1 set of metal, 1 set of leather.

You might be asking how to get materials, I also wondered that at the beginning.

  • When you get items you can equip, you can salvage them for materials. These are weapons, accessories, and even upgrades. You cannot salvage armor.
  • You get these randomly sometimes from opening up chests during a game, and using gold to buy chests from th shop.

The materials you get are based on what you salvage. For example, if you salvage an item only rogues can equip, like a bow, you get leather.

  • It is based on class, not the type of item, so don’t be confused when you get leather for salvaging daggers.

As for as I’ve seen, this is the only way to get materials

Unlocking Tips

Now that you know how to unlock, let me give you several tips on the best ways to go about unlocking.

First, I suggest you focus on unlocking on character at a time. Below are the classes available at this time:

  • Legionnaire (Starting Character)  Sword and shield warrior
  • Katari (Unlockable)  Two-handed weapon warrior
  • Assassin (Unlockable)Dual daggers rogue
  • Archer (Starting Character) Bow rogue
  • Elementalist (Unlockable) Mage
  • Keeper (Starting Character) Mage
  • Alchemist (Unlockable) Dual daggers rogue
  • Reaver (Unlockable) Two-handed weapon warrior
  • Necromancer (Unlockable) Mage
  • Templar (Unlockable) Sword and shield warrior
  • Hunter (Unlockable) Bow rogue
  • Arcane Warrior (Unlockable) Mage

Let’s say you want to unlock Elementalist first. You’ll need 8 cloth in 1 slot, 4 cloth in another slot, 4 leather, and 4 metal. I would focus on leveling 1 of the 3 starting characters and stick with that.

Here’s the rule for salvaging:
  • Salvage anything that is not for the class you’re playing or the class you want to unlock. The exception is if you get a really good item for a class you plan on using at some point.
  • Salvage multiples of items.
  • Salvage items for the unlocking class after you get all the other items. For our Elementalist example, salvage mage items last.

Sometimes you’ll get unlocking and go multiple games without getting an item you need to salvage.

  • If you just want to focus on unlocking one character and don’t care about gearing yet, salvage everything you get.
  • When you unlock a character, they give you a starting weapon, and the armor you crafted.

Money Making

The best way to get items is to do matches to get gold and buy the chests from the store.

  • I suggest buying the medium chests. The large chests only save you about 25 gold in the long run and you’ll have to wait longer to buy them.
  • Make sure your group has at least one of each class, rogue, mage and warrior, to open the secret areas.

The secret areas always have a chest to give either extra money or an item. The types you get are random, so having one of each class ensures you always open them up.

When playing with random people the matches can be difficult, buy playing the higher difficulties give more money.

  • I suggest staying in the easiest difficulty until around level 10, then moving up to the medium difficulty. You’ll get much more experience and money.
  • I wouldn’t try the hard one until close to 20, or if you have good gear and a premade group.

That’s it for my guide on unlocking multiplayer characters in Dragon Age Inquisition. If you have any questions, or more suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Be sure to visit my Beginner’s guide for help with anything else.

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