Dragon Ball FighterZ Colored Squares Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ features a series of square colors next to your name indicating a rank, but with no explanation of what color means what!

Dragon Ball FighterZ features a series of square colors next to your name indicating a rank, but with no explanation of what color means what!

Frantic, super-powered, 3v3 mayhem is on tap with Dragon Ball FighterZ as players duke it out for online supremacy! In terms of art aesthetics and base gameplay, we’re calling it — this game will be one of the best fighters of the year.

Unfortunately, some of the mechanics are less amazing, like the malfunctioning ring matches (still) or lack of explanation on certain topics. One of those unknown topics is the square color assigned to every player and shown during a match.

Separate from both rank and player rank, these seemingly random colors have left the fanbase wondering what each square is meant to signify. Wonder no longer — we figured out the Dragon Ball colored squares mystery!

Dragon Ball FighterZ square colors appear here Color Rank Squares (thanks to DBZenkai for the screenshot)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Colored Squares Explanation

All players start at one color and gradually move up or down a scale according to wins and losses. A white square is where everyone starts out as they first begin engaging in online matches.

After either winning or losing five battles, you then get assigned your very own color square. Going higher up on the list means you win more than you lose, while going lower indicates more losses than wins.

In other words, you probably don’t want to face off against a Red/Purple player unless you are supremely confident in your abilities. The Blue/Light Blue end of the spectrum, on the other hand, basically says, “I’m terrible at this game, please beat me senseless and earn some free BP.”

here's a grid to explain Dragon Ball FighterZ color squares Dragon Ball FigherZ Color Square Explanation Grid

Moving up or down the rank depends partially on what rank you are fighting as well. Beating Red ranks moves you up quicker, while beating Blue ranks doesn’t increase your color nearly as quickly.

Oddly, in some cases the block remains white for more than the first five battles. It’s unclear if this has something to do with the connection problems where people drop out unexpectedly from an online match (so it doesn’t count towards your total), or if something has changed in the algorithm and you stay white longer than five matches at this point. Expect this issue to get ironed out or clarified with the next patch.

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