Dragon Quest VII: FotFP – Unlocking The Haven and the Download Bar

The Haven is a town that you help build with the help of monsters. Here's what you need to know to get started, and how to access the Download Bar for special DLC missions!

The Haven is a town that you help build with the help of monsters. Here's what you need to know to get started, and how to access the Download Bar for special DLC missions!

The Haven is a location in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past that was set up to replace the Immigrant Town found in the original PlayStation version of the game. It is an important part of the game to unlock as it provides players with StreetPass capabilities, as well as special dungeons that unlock rare armor and weapons.

Getting to The Haven is especially important right now as there are 4 downloadable quests that can only be downloaded from the Download Bar for a limited time (ending September 30th, 2016). They are as follows:

This guide will teach you how to find The Haven, as well as how to unlock the Download Bar. Let’s begin, shall we?

Finding The Haven

The Haven is unlocked right after you complete the Regenstein questline (the village of people turned to stone). Once you’re done there, you can find The Haven on the island just south of Pilchard Bay. There, the Hero and company will find out that the entire village of Regenstein has been reduced to nothing.

At the center of the once doomed village, the player will find a girl named Carey. She has arrived on this island after traveling with a slime that wanted to be human. Carey wants to make this island into a safe place for monsters who want to be humans to live. After accepting her plight, the player will then be sent on a quest to find the poetic slime that once traveled with Carey.

Carey tells you that the poetic slime was a fan of seafood, and so it only makes sense that you would find him in none other than Pilchard Bay. The slime – who goes by the name of Phlegmrique – can be found on the docks, just south of your father’s ship.

When you return, Carey will thank you for finding Phlegmrique by giving you a tablet that can be used on the plinth in the city’s underground to travel to bonus dungeons. She also asks you to find more monsters while you are on your journey – if you have the time. Since we want to unlock the Download Bar as soon as possible, we can start this right away by talking to Phlegmrique.

Phlegmrique tells you about another monster who wants to be a farmer. This monster isn’t too far away from where Phlegmrique was.

Travel north to Estard Town (the castle city) and head to the inn. Upstairs, in the north-most room, you will find Gene the woebergine. Tell him to travel to The Haven, and meet him there to get your next tablet, and your next monster villager hint.

The third and final villager you are on the search for to unlock the Download Bar is a florist woman in Ballymolloy. Go to Ballymolloy town, then travel to the middle section of the map. In the building on the left you will find Fuchsia the Kingfuchsia on the second floor. She’s at the southern wall, and so you might need to rotate the camera to find her.

Tell her about The Haven, and when you return she will give you another tablet. Her arrival at the village will also unlock the Download Bar (below). This is where you will go to download DLC missions. Go here before September 30th and download Feral Forest, Tough Nuts, and Treasure Hunt before they’re gone to unlock new villagers, and 3 new dungeons!

You can also download Memories of an Old Friend at the Download Bar. However, you will first need to progress further in the game before it will be available for download. Remember to get these while you still can as the only way to find them afterward is through Spotpass, and users you get will be completely random.

Once you get your tablets, you can use them in the town’s underground plinth to travel to special dungeons to get awesome new gear!

That’s it folks!

There’s much more to The Haven, but that’s another guide for another time! Be sure to check out my other guides if you want more tips on exploration, or if want to know more how stats work in the Dragon Quest series.

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