Dragonvale Breeding Tips, Hints and Tricks

A set of Dragonvale Breeding tips that will get you on your way to breeding wild and crazy Dragonvale dragon combos in not time!

Dragonvale from BackFlip Studios is a classic click barrage casual game. Since the core of Dragonvale is breeding dragons, let’s focus on that.

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Dragonvale Breeding Basics

  1. Your gold doesn’t rot. You can play for a while and come back. You won’t have the extra money that you would have had from playing, but you won’t have lost anything!
  2. Breeding two of the same dragon gives you another of the same dragon.
  3. Cross breeding dragons is fun. They create new and interesting dragons.

Dragonvale Dragon List

Elemental Dragons

In the Elemental Dragons set are the following. These must be bought, and some are not available until you level up:

  • Cold Dragon
  • Earth Dragon
  • Fire Dragon
  • Lightning Dragon
  • Metal Dragon
  • Plant Dragon
  • Water Dragon
Hybrid Dragons

Hybrid dragons bring you more money. Once you have the basic dragons and start creating hybrids you can make other hybrids from hybrids of hybrids and so on and so forth. The only limitation is that some dragons are seasonal. From what I’ve found you can breed the following dragons:

  • Air Dragon
  • A methyst Dragon
  • Apocalypse Dragon
  • Aquamarine Dragon
  • Ash Dragon
  • Blazing Dragon
  • Blizzard Dragon
  • Bloom Dragon

Seasonal, available at Easter time

  • Blue Fire Dragon
  • Bone Dragon

Seasonal, available around Halloween

  • Blue Moon Dragon

Seasonal, September 7th to 10th

  • Brass Dragon
  • Bronze Olympus Dragon
  • Butterfly Dragon

Seasonal, Spring (June 27th it ends)

  • Cactus Dragon
  • Celtic Dragon

Seasonal, available in March only!

  • Century Dragon
  • Chrome Dragon
  • Clover Dragon

Seasonal, a special St. Patrick’s day dragon

  • Coral Dragon
  • Copper Dragon
  • Crystal Dragon
  • Current Dragon
  • Cyclops Dragon
  • Diamond Dragon
  • Dodo Dragon
  • Emerald Dragon

Season, available in May only!

  • Equinox Dragon
  • Evergreen Dragon
  • Firefly Dragon
  • Firework Dragon

Seasonal, around 4th of July

  • Flower Dragon
  • Fog Dragon
  • Forge Dragon
  • Frostfire Dragon
  • Garnet Dragon

Seasonal, January birthstone dragon

  • Ghost Dragon
  • Gift Dragon
  • Glacier Dragon
  • Gold Dragon
  • Gold Olympus Dragon
  • Hail Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Iceberg Dragon
  • Iron Dragon
  • Ironwood Dragon
  • Kairos Dragon
  • Lava Dragon
  • Leap Year Dragon

Seasonal, February of a Leap Year

  • Lichen Dragon
  • Love Dragon

Seasonal, Around Valentine’s Day

  • Lunar Eclipse Dragon

Seasonal, Around the time of a Lunar Eclipse

  • Magnetic Dragon
  • Malachite Dragon
  • Meteor Dragon
  • Mine Dragon
  • Moon Draon
  • Moss Dragon
  • Motley Dragon
  • Mountain Dragon
  • Mud Dragon
  • Obsidian Dragon
  • Opal Dragon
  • Panlong Dragon

Seasonal, 2012 was the Year of the Dragon

  • Paper Dragon
  • Pearl Dragon

Seasonal, June birthstone Dragon

  • Peridot Dragon

Seasonal, August birthstone Dragon

  • Plasma Dragon
  • Platinum Dragon
  • Poison Dragon
  • Pollen Dragon
  • Quake Dragon
  • Quicksilver Dragon
  • Rain Dragon
  • Rainbow Dragon
  • Reindeer Dragon

Seasonal, December and Early January

  • River Dragon
  • Rose Dragon
  • Ruby Dragon
  • Rust Dragon
  • Sakura Dragon

Seasonal, April and May are good

  • Salamander Dragon
  • Sandstorm Dragon
  • Sapphire Dragon

Seasonal, September birthstone Dragon

  • Scoria Dragon
  • Scorch Dragon
  • Seasonal Dragon
  • Seaweed Dragon
  • Silver Olympus Dragon
  • Silver Dragon
  • Smoke Dragon
  • Solar Eclipse Dragon

Seasonal, Around a Solar Eclipse

  • Solstice Dragon

Seasonal, Around Summer Solstice

  • Snow Dragon
  • Sonic Dragon
  • Spring Dragon

Seasonal, Spring

  • Steel Dragon
  • Storm Dragon
  • Sun Dragon
  • Swamp Dragon
  • Terradiem Dragon
  • Thunder Dragon
  • Topaz Dragon

Seasonal, November Birthstone Dragon

  • Tree Dragon
  • Turquiose Dragon

Seasonal, December Birthstone Dragon

  • Willow Dragon

Dragonvale Time Considerations

The first aspect of time that matters for breeding is that some dragons can only be bred during certain times of the year. Those times are listed above. In addition certain dragons take more times to breed or hatch. You can speed these up via upgrading and you can get more gems so you can instantly complete them.


That is the basics of Dragonvale breeding. If you are looking for tips and tricks on more specific aspects then let me know in the comments.


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