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Dredge: The Pale Reach — How to Get the Radiant Trawl Net

The Radiant Trawl Net is a thing of fishing beauty in Dredge The Pale Reach.

If you love trawling while exploring new areas, such as the frozen seas surrounding an iceberg, you’ll want the best trawl net in the game. This is how to get the free Radiant Trawl Net in Dredge The Pale Reach DLC.

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How to Obtain the Radiant Trawl Net in Dredge the Pale Reach

As you explore the iceberg known as The Pale Reach, you’ll find yourself acquiring Frozen Hearts. Earned when you release the offered crew from their ice shard prisons, these seem to have no specific purpose in their story. That’s due to them being used to get a special item, the Radiant Trawl Net.

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Radiant Trawl Net Stats

The Radiant Trawl net is a multicolored trawler that lasts up to three days and can catch a max of 18 fish, depending on their layout. It’s one of the larger nets and has an Aberration Bonus of +5%. The amazing thing is that it covers Ice, Coastal, Oceanic, and Shallow water zones, which covers almost all of the places you want to trawl while in The Pale Reach. The best part is this beast is completely free, I just had to offer up the Frozen Hearts.

Shrine Location

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I almost missed the shrine I needed to interact with, because it’s off the main story path. However, there’s an easy way to find it. From the Bleak Pontoon you want to head east until you come across a black rock outcrop. Right before this outcrop is a path blocked by ice chunks. Break through those and travel down the small path until you see an ice shard with a red glow emanating from it. This shrine will be directly on your left, and is visible from the start of the path.

Interacting with the shrine brings up your inventory, as well as the items needed for the offering. The shapes match the Frozen Hearts you’ve obtained. You’ll need all four of them to complete the shrine, which results in you obtaining the Radiant Trawl Net. You can place them one at a time, or all at once, since they don’t disappear when you leave.

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If you already have a trawl net installed, no worries. You can send it to Storage or you can uninstall the one you have, send that to Storage, and install your new net. This is what I did since I didn’t have a very good trawl installed. Either way, don’t need to take the Radiant Trawl Net with you right away. Just remember to return and collect.

That’s how to get the Radiant Trawl Net in Dredge The Pale Reach. Along with the new item, there’s loads of new fish to catch. Check out our guide for how to catch them, as well as how to get a map of the iceberg, what rods are available, and more in our guide hub.

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