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EA FC 24: Best Striker Build

Here's the striker build that you should be using in EA FC 24.

While Ultimate Team is undoubtedly still the marquee mode, the Clubs game mode — in which teams of up to 11 play against other teams — has received some changes in EA FC 24. For the first time ever, crossplay is available, making the Clubs ecosystem more integrated between different platforms. The division structure also received a facelift, with the competition structure now more similar to the flagship Ultimate Team. Clubs is one of the most fun, exciting, and competitive multiplayer modes in EA FC 24. However, finding a position to play and a proper build to use may be difficult. If you want to play striker and score the majority of your team’s goals, then finding a good build is paramount. Here is a striker build that might suit all of your needs in EA FC 24.

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The Best Striker Build in EA FC 24

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In my time spent with Clubs in EA FC 24, I have gotten my player up to Level 30. This has given me over 50 skill points to allocate across my build, as well as four PlayStyles and one PlayStyles+. With this said, some scaling might need to be done.

In my experience, having your striker be a winger (LW/RW) might be the best move early on. While the shooting on a winger isn’t too high, this position allows your player to be much more silky and maneuverable on the ball. Being an LW/RW also gives you better passing, which allows you to link up with your teammates should you get into any trouble.

As far as PlayStyles and the one PlayStyle+ slot is concerned, the following is what I’d personally recommend:


  • Finesse Shot
  • Rapid
  • Quick Step
  • Aerial


  • First Touch+

Thanks for checking out our best striker build for EA FC 24. For more EA FC 24 tips and tricks, check out our articles for the 10 best players in Ultimate Team or the 50 highest-rated players in the whole game.

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