EA FC 24: What Does This EA Account is Restricted Mean? Answered

Steam EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition buyers are running into an alarming message saying their account is restricted.

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If you paid big to get seven days of EA FC 24 Early Access on Steam, you may be running into an alarming error stating your account is restricted. This message usually indicates that action has been taken against your account for cheating or something else. However, that probably isn’t the case this time. Let’s talk about what’s going on with the EA FC 24 this EA account is restricted error message.

What Does This EA Account is Restricted Mean? Answered

As stated, this error message usually means you’ve been banned. But if you’re trying to access EA FC 24 on Steam and actually can’t think of anything you did wrong, the problem isn’t you. It’s actually something going on with the servers.

A portion of those who bought the Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24 on Steam are getting this message due to a server issue, according to EA Support. The game has another three days of Early Access for Ultimate Edition buyers. Every hour without being able to play is essentially money lost for those who bought in.

A tricky bit of phrasing in what the Ultimate Edition entails. It offers “up to seven days of Early Access,” meaning EA doesn’t guarantee you’ll get that much time on the pitch ahead of launch. It’s also worth noting that players via the EA App and on consoles aren’t falsely getting this message. It only affects you if you bought it on Steam. I wouldn’t really recommend buying it via another storefront just to get in early. It’s best to just wait it out, as EA Support hse stated they’re working on the problem.

Getting the notification while playing EA FC 24 via the EA App or on console means youre probably banned.

That’s what this account is restricted means in EA FC 24. We’ve got plenty of not FIFA guides for you to read to brush up on your game, such as the 50 highestrated players and the best formations.

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