Wondering how Elden Ring's PvP multiplayer works? Here's what you need to know about how to invade other players as a red phantom.

Elden Ring PvP Multiplayer: How to Invade Other Players

Wondering how Elden Ring's PvP multiplayer works? Here's what you need to know about how to invade other players as a red phantom.

Part of what’s made the From Software games so much fun over the years is how they implement competitive PvP multiplayer. Even for those other players that don’t enjoy it as much as the invaders, there’s something to be said about facing a red phantom just before a major boss fight. How to invade in Elden Ring is a bit different, though.

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For all of you chaotic evils out there, this Elden Ring guide tells you most of everything you need to know about PvP multiplayer and how to invade other players in From’s latest. We say most because there are still a few things we need to suss out and better understand. But what’s below will get you started. 

This is a companion guide to PvE co-op multiplayer, so head over here if you’re wondering how to play with friends instead of PvP.

Elden Ring PvP Multiplayer Explained: How to Invade as a Red Phantom

While Elden Ring‘s co-op multiplayer is available as soon as you hit the open world of Limgrave  just after leaving the Stranded Graveyard  you’ll have to wait a tad bit longer to start PvP multiplayer, but we’ll tell you how to get the items you’ll need down below.

But first, let’s talk about a few quick things. Of course, you can use items to invade other players with the goal of killing them, but other players can also summon you into their world for a duel. You can use the Small Red Effigy to send your invasion sign to Summoning Pools (more on that in our co-op guide linked above) for players to interact with, as well as put down signs elsewhere.

There’s also the issue of Summoning Ranges to contend with. Summoning and multiplayer in general take two things into consideration:

  • A player’s current character level.
  • A Player’s max weapon upgrade level ever achieved.

The second point is a bit stickier, so let’s start there. Max weapon upgrade means the highest you’ve ever leveled a weapon on a character in the lifetime of that character. Upgrade a mace to +4, store the mace or sell it, and your lifetime max weapon upgrade level is +4. It doesn’t matter if you have the weapon in your inventory or stash or not. 

Character level is basically how it’s been in other Souls games. There’s a threshold within which players can engage in multiplayer. We’re not sure of the exact ranges yet, but we’ll update this guide when we figure it out. Regardless, you’ll ideally be matched with players of a similar level for increased parity. 

Lastly, it’s worth noting that you can’t ride a mount in multiplayer whatsoever, including when you invade as a red phantom PvP player. It just wouldn’t be fair otherwise. 

Below, we’ll go over how to get the items you need to invade other players in Elden Ring

Depending on the route you take, it could be hours before you’re able to invade other players as a red phantom. There’s a lot more than this to PvP, which we haven’t gotten to in our early access period (some of which we will talk about in this guide), but we will update this information as we play more.

How to Get the Duelist’s Furled Finger and Small Red Effigy

Note: this method of PvP invasion relies on being summoned by another player, sending you to their world as a Duelist. It is a bit different than the more familiar method, and it puts you at risk of being overwhelmed (though some players will find that enticing).

Take the best route to cut down on the time it takes to get the Duelist’s Furled Finger and the Small Red Effigy. Go to Agheel Lake North Site of Grace if you haven’t already to get Torrent. From there, go northeast toward the large cliffs above. Look for what looks like a tornado of swirling air: this is a Spiritspring. Ride Torrent and jump into the Spiritspring to leap up on the cliffs above.

Now, continue north, passing over a road and going through a forest between two large cliffs. Pass under a bridge/aqueduct, and follow the road to the Stormhill Colesium in the extreme northern portion of the map by the coast.

As you approach, you’ll be invaded by a red phantom. Defeat them, and then go to the front steps of the coliseum. Interact with the glowing item node to get the Duelist’s Furled Finger and Small Red Effigy.

To use these items, go into your inventory, highlight them, and select “Use.” Alternatively, you can add them to your quick item bar to select them faster.

How to Get Other PvP Items to Invade Other Players

The way to invade outlined above is a less traditional means of PvP in Elden Ring. But you’ll have to wait some time before you gain the ability to invade as you might in Dark Souls 3, for instance. To do that you’ll need to get to Liurnia of the Lakes. This is to the north of Limgrave and becomes accessible after Stormveil Castle is completed.

Here are the PvP items you need to invade more traditionally: 

  • Festering Bloody Finger: This PvP item is available at the Rose Church. You’ll need to speak with an NPC there named White-Faced Varre to obtain it. 
    • This allows you to search for a player to invade but can only be used once.
  • Bloody Finger: This PvP item is obtained through a secondary questline at the Rose Church as well.
    • It too allows you to search for a player to invade and can be used multiple times.
  • Recusant Finger: You must find another NPC in Liurnia of the Lakes and start the Volcano Manor quest for this PvP item. 
    • Again, this lets you look for another player to invade but it is “different” than the other two.

Just like using those items needed to be summoned as a red phantom, to use these PvP items, go into your inventory, highlight them, and select “Use.” Alternatively, add them to your quick item bar to select them faster.

How Many Players Can be in PvP Multiplayer Sessions?

Typically, only one red phantom can invade in a PvP multiplayer session. They may face the summoner or the player that’s been invaded, or they may face up to three total cooperative players.

Two red phantoms can invade or be summoned in a single session, but the Host of Fingers (the player being invaded) must choose to have two red phantoms appear. 

You should also be aware of blue phantom hunters. Some co-op players use the White Cipher Ring and Blue Cipher Ring to call for help when being invaded and hunt red phantoms in other players’ games. 

And that’s basically all you need to know about Elden Ring PvP multiplayer and how to invade other players. Though you’ll have to wait a little while to conventionally wreak havoc and chaos, the new wrinkles in the system are neat additions — even for red phantoms. For more on From SOftware’s latest, head over to our Elden Ring guides.

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