Elder Scrolls Online: Introduction To Gear Crafting – Clothing Part III

Part three of my Clothing guide. This guide is all about researching and traits.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

For my final Clothing guide, I’m covering Research and Traits. Both of these are important parts of serious end-game gear crafting. Whether you’re crafting to make money, help your guild, or just gear yourself, this guide breaks down what you need to know. If you’ve read the Blacksmithing equivalent to this guide, there are major differences in the Trait section.

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Before you can truly benefit from crafting, you need to be able to add traits to weapons. In order to learn traits, you need to research an item with the trait. It has to be the same type of item as the item you wish to use the trait on.

Researching an item initially has a six-hour timer. For each additional trait you wish to learn for that item, the timer doubles. Putting skill points into Stitching lowers this timer, and allows you to research more than one trait at a time. You really want to learn all the traits to maximize your crafting potential for endgame. For a complete listing of the traits see the traits section below.



Traits are applied during the creation stage. If you haven’t researched the trait for the specific item you wish to add the trait to you won’t be able to apply it. Each trait requires a specific gem stone to add the trait to the item. Due to the way Clothing works, the weapon gems are not used at all for Clothing. I’ve listed only the apparel gems for this reason The complete trait list is shown below. You can only apply one trait per item, so choose wisely.

  • Quartz: Sturdy – 22% chance to avoid decay upon death.
  • Diamond: Impenetrable – Increases resistance of critical hits by 60.
  • Sardonyx: Reinforced – Increases this item’s Armor value by 4%.
  • Almandine: Well-Fitted – Reduces the cost of sprinting by 2%.
  • Emerald: Training – Increases armor skill line experience with this armor type by 6%.
  • Bloodstone: Infused – Increases armor enchantment effect by 8%.
  • Garnet: Exploration – Increases exploration experience by 6%.
  • Saphire: Divines – Increases Mundus Stone effects by 4%.

This wraps up my series on Clothing. If you missed one of the previous guides, you can find it listed on the ESO Team directory.

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