Elder Scrolls Online: Introduction To Gear Crafting – Woodworking Part II

Part two of my detailed introduction to crafting for Woodworking.

Part two of my detailed introduction to crafting for Woodworking.

In part one I covered gathering, leveling, and skills. These are the basics that you need to understand before you start crafting. In this guide I’ll explain crafting, improving, and deconstructing in detail.


Crafting is generally very simple, but the menu makes it seem complex.


This is technically a part of the crafting step, though it has its own category. Basically from here you’ll take all your raw wood and turn it in to the Sanded version. You can also receive other items from doing this as well, if you’re lucky. This is one of three ways that I know of to receive resins.

To refine wood, you need 10 of the wood you’re trying to refine. Double click or right-click and select add to make your selection and press the R button to refine the material. Yielded materials appear in the middle of the screen.


For Woodworking you have two types of creation, weapon and apparel. Both of these are set up identically. Within one of these tabs you have four sub categories; type, material, style, and trait.


  • Type: Type determines what item you’re actually creating. You can cycle through the list for anything from a bow to a healing staff under weapon. The only craftable items under apparel for Woodworking are shields.
  • Material: This determines the level of the item you’re crafting. Changing the material or the amount used will determine exactly what level item you create. You can create items ranging from level 1 to Veteran Rank 10.
  • Style: Style affects the appearance of an item. To unlock a style you must find the racial motif book for that style and use it. You do not have to find the motif book for your race. There are also a few, for races that don’t seem to exist in-game. Ancient Elf being one of those styles. On top of needing to learn the style, you also need one style material per item from a style you know to craft. For example, crafting in the Imperial style requires 1 Nickel per craft.
  • Trait: Traits are learned by researching. Once learned, specials gem stones are needed to apply the traits. For example, to apply the Training trait to items you need Emeralds for apparel and Carnelian for weapons.


Of the two uses for deconstruction, I’ve already covered leveling in part one. In this section I’ll cover material salvaging. Salvaging random items you pick up can greatly increase your material resources, as items break down into the Sanded form and not the raw wood. The wood obtained is based on the item’s level.

Salvaging items also has the potential to yield other items such as; style materials, trait stones, and resins. Resins are hard to come by, and only seem to salvage from green items or higher. Using the Wood Extraction skill for deconstructing items is a great way to stock on the materials you need. For more details on Wood Extraction check Woodworking guide part one.



Improvement is used more for end-game gear, not so much for while you’re leveling up. Using resins grants you a chance to increase the quality of an item. If you fail to improve the item, you lose the resins you used and the item. However, there is no reason to fail an improvement.

Each resin used increases the possibility of improving the item by 20%. You can use up to five resins per attempt, effectively increasing the chance to 100%. If you are worried about losing an item and don’t have enough resins to guarantee your success, just wait. Use Resin Expertise to significantly boost your chances at improving an item.

  • Pitch: Increases quality from Normal to Fine.
  • Turpen: Increases quality from Fine to Superior.
  • Mastic: Increases quality from Superior to Epic.
  • Rosin: Increases quality from Epic to Legendary.

That wraps up part two of my Woodworking guides for Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to check out part three. For more guides, head over to the ESO Team directory.

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