Elder Scrolls Online Skyshard Locations – Stros M’Kai

This guide shows each Skyshard location in Stros M'Kai.
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Stros M’Kai, in Elder Scrolls Online, is the first optional area you can go to in the Daggerfall Covenant after completing or skipping the tutorial. There are 3 total Skyshards in this area. The header image shows the entire map of Stros M’Kai and I marked each Skyshard’s location on it. I’ll explain in detail each Skyshard’s location in the appropriate sections below.

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This guide will cover all of Stros M’Kai’s Skyshard locations:

  • Across the water from the western wall – First one listed under the achievements.
  • The mouth of The Grave stands open – Second one listed under the achievements.
  • Crashed through a Saintsport roof – Third one listed under the achievements.
Across the water from the western wall

This is the red dot on the map. The first one listed under the achievement hinting to the location.

  • Leave Port Hunding at the western side.
  • It is directly to the southwest of the Port Hunding Wayshrine, on a cliff above the water.
The mouth of The Grave stands open

This one is the blue dot on the map. The second one listed under the achievement hinting to the location.

  • It is to the north of Port Hunding, next to “The Grave” symbol on the map.
  • It’s on a cliff near The Grave entrance.
Crashed through a Saintsport roof

This one is the green dot on the map. The third one listed under the achievement hinting to the location.

  • It is in a house with a hole in the roof, at the entrance. It’s the same building you find the captain during the main quest in that area.

That’s it for all the Skyshard locations in Stros M’Kai. If you’d like more Skyshard Location guides or anything else related to Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to visit the ESO team directory.

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