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Enshrouded: How to Upgrade and Strengthen the Flame Altar

Upgrading and Strengthening the Flame Altar improves your chances of surviving the Shroud in Enshrouded.

The Flame is what separates humans from the Ancients, and what gives the Flameborn their abilities. To survive the Shroud and build the best base possible, you must tend the Flame. I’ll tell you how to upgrade and strengthen the Flame Altar in Enshrouded.

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How to Upgrade the Altar in Enshrouded

The Altar portion of the Flame is the easiest part to enhance, but it requires the Flame to be Strengthened at the same rate. You can’t have one without the other.

Upgrading the Altar expands the area the Flame protects. It pushes back the Shroud, and you can expand your base further with every upgrade. Each level takes the previous measurements and multiplies them by two. The 40x40x40 base size becomes 80x80x80, and so on.

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To upgrade the Altar, you need Shroud Cores. Initially, you only need a single core to upgrade the Altar to Level 2. After that, the requirements will start to jump.

All Enshrouded Altar Upgrade Requirements

  • Level 2: Shroud Core x1
  • Level 3: Shroud Core x5
    • Requires Flame Level 2
  • Level 4: Shroud Core x10
    • Requires Flame Level 3

After Flame Altar Level 3, the option to see what further upgrade requirements is greyed out. This may be the max level we get at the start of EA. But I’ll update this guide if there’s a patch.

How to Strengthen the Flame

The Flame improves your Altar activation capacity, increasing when you Strengthen it. Each level increases how long you can stay in the Shroud by a minute. It also provides bonuses for your character’s stats. Unlike the Altar, the Flame requires multiple items to advance to the next level. Some of these resources are easier to get than others, like boss trophies and Sparks.

Level 4 Strengthen Flame requirements.
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All Enshrouded Flame Strength Upgrade Requirements

  • Level 2
    • Resin x5
    • Red Mushroom x5
    • Bones x5
    • Shroud Liquid x5
    • Spark x1
    • Animal Fur x5
  • Level 3
    • Wax x10
    • Salt x10
    • Spark x5
    • Shroud Wood x10
    • Flintstone x10
    • Charcoal x10
    • Fell Thunderbrute Head
  • Level 4
    • Goo x15
    • Mycelium x15
    • Spark x10
    • Indigo Plant x15
    • Amber x15
    • Copper Ore x15
    • Fell Wispwyvern Head

That’s how to Upgrade and Strengthen the Flame Altar in Enshrouded. If you’re having a difficult time finding Shroud Cores, Sparks, or any other resource, head to our guides hub for help.

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