Take down colossal monsters and master teams of heroic gods in Eternity Legends with these tips, tricks, and strategies from GameSkinny's Beginner's Guide.

Eternity Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Unleash the Powers of the Gods

Take down colossal monsters and master teams of heroic gods in Eternity Legends with these tips, tricks, and strategies from GameSkinny's Beginner's Guide.

Following a logical, and technological, evolution from previous DIVMOB titles Heroes Reborn and Heroes Infinity, Eternity Legends offers players fast-paced fighting, creative crafting, and strategic bonuses through eclectic modes and quests.

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Players build teams of legendary giants to fight arena-style in an alien world infested with colossal monsters and their hoards of minions. You’ll need all the gear, loot, and allies you can get to take out super bosses while hunting for the materials to unleash each heroes’ ultimate powers.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you build a formidable team while keeping your bag full of goods to always ensure your upgrades stay up to date.

A Quick Tour of Eternity

The universe of Eternity Legends is vast, offering several additional sub-modes to the normal adventure: Elite, Idle, Heroes Hunt, Super Boss, Stargate, and Skyscraper. 

Super Boss, Stargate, and Skyscraper will open up after completing Act 15 of Adventure mode.

Elite mode is accessible after beating your first Super Boss, while Hard mode is unlocked only after clearing 100 acts of the campaign. You’ll have the option to join a guild and reap the rewards after Act 30.

Menus and Lists Will Guide You Through Eternity

There are a lot of materials needed to succeed and Eternity Legends has plenty of lists handy to keep you on track.

You can easily check where materials can be obtained from the home screen on the left side by tapping the arrow icon and then the notebook icon. From there you can check the full list of the game’s items, heroes, and gear.

When you select a hero or piece of gear, you can also select a source to see the exact locations of the materials needed to obtain it.

You can also learn more about items and their applications from this menu. Some items, such as Gold Stones, can be exchanged for coins. When in doubt, check this menu out.

Gearing & Tiering Up

Increasingly powerful armies of monsters and high-ranking Super Bosses will try to stop your progress through each world. Without the right gear, these powerful enemies can take out your team before you can pray to Zeus.

Eternity Legends offers 50 unique pieces of gear, but they are not all created equal. Once you start to get your hands on some 3-star or higher equipment, you should start feeding lower-tiered equipment to your best items. No exceptions — just do it.

Get Crafty With Crafting

You can start crafting your own equipment once you delve into Stargate mode, which grants crafting materials.

Under the right arrow menu, tap craft -> select a gear. From there you can check the exact source of the material needed to craft each item by selecting the gear and then tapping each item individually.

Take these menus as a hint that stumbling upon the necessary items isn’t likely. It’s important to focus on one gear at a time and farm the needed resources methodically. 

Like items are scattered across modes, some items are found in shops that only accept certain currencies.

Rare items, like Galactic Rubies, can only be found in the Arena or Guild War Shop, which have their own respective coins collected in each mode. This makes participation in one or both of these modes important if you want to fast track to Rank 4 and up gear. 

Upgrades Fit for Gods

Upgrade heroes regularly. Once you max out their levels, you can rank up to increase their overall stats. Tiering up can be done within each rank to exponentially increase battle stats.

While you have to level up to rank up, it won’t matter if you don’t have the right materials. Check the additional requirements by tapping on a team member in the heroes menu.

In addition to max levels, ranking up requires materials and hero fragments. Refer to these lists often to guide where you should be focusing your energy.

Pro Tips and Strategies

Farming Materials

A few of the materials tied to each mode were mentioned above, but here is a break down of what drops you get in each mode:

  • Elite — Rich rewards like Hero Fragments and high-rank gears
  • Arena — Earn rewards while you aren’t active and increase your rank. You can add up to 5 heroes in the arena team who fight against other players, even when you’re offline; gives varying items
  • Idle — Automated play
  • Heroes Hunt — Miscellaneous rewards such as coins, passes, and potions
  • Stargate — Crafting material required in creating high-rank gears and heroes
  • Skyscraper — Gems, gacha tickets, gold, and more
  • Super Boss — Gems, gacha tickets, gold, and more

Another easy way to gather materials in bulk is to repeat levels. Using auto pass tickets here can save you time while filling up your inventory fast.

If you have time, always try to visit the “Random Store” at least every 24 hours. Tap the left tab on the home screen and open the shopping cart icon to see what goods are available. The inventory is full of rare goods and heroes that change daily.

The items are exchanged for a reasonable amount of gems or gold (anywhere from 10-100 gems or 15-50k gold coins). Options open up as you level up. Get them while they’re there!

Grinding for Gems and Gold

Eternity Legends isn’t that generous with gold, so upgrading skills in a strategic and balanced way is key. Make sure your teammates remain at a comparable skill level to your main hero so they can match up in battle.

Tiering and ranking up start at 10k and 20k respectively, not including the raw materials needed. As your hero list grows, you’ll want a lot of gold reserved for hero upgrades. This may mean you want to keep your team small for a while as you begin to hoard resources.

There are a few ways to keep your bank full. After Act 30, make sure to join a guild and see where you can contribute to team missions. Before then, you can participate in hunts at the club (three at a time, 10 a day) to earn passive coins and items.

Be on the lookout for daily rewards that increase each consecutive day you collect and the Star Code draws. These are the four places you need to go when you log on and be continuously returning to the home screen to collect rewards as they’re available in order to turn the timer on new rewards. 

Troves of bonus items and gold can also be earned through quests that are broken up by daily, weekly, monthly, challenges, and achievements. Orient your gameplay around completing these tasks.

Quests can often be completed simultaneously and have overlap (spending 500 gems is an achievement quest, which counts towards the monthly quest to spend 1000 gems, making these tasks easy targets.)

Battle Strategy

While much of Eternity Legends glory lies in its classic hack ‘n slash style, planning the timing of your moves and summons pays off.

As a general rule, wait to summon team members until a larger group of enemies or a boss shows up. Once they appear, they’ll only be active for 15 seconds and will take another 15 to regenerate so only summon after all enemies have loaded and started advancing on you. Waiting for hoards, large, and aerial enemies will be the most effective and efficient strategy.

In addition to your automated sidekicks, you’ll use mana for your hero skills. Your three available skills are high damage specials that cannot be used back to back, taking 30 seconds to come off cooldown.

Back enemies against the walls that divide the arena it shouldn’t be hard to take care of the first few rounds of enemies solo in every act with persistent hits or using a single skill. 

Luring groups of enemies into clusters is a good strategy for double-digit combos. Each combo adds XP to your stats. It pays to stack and AoE grind.

This approach to fighting will save you HP while keeping your reinforcements on reserve. It’s when the mini and world bosses show up that you’ll want back up.

Team Building

With 15 heroes to assist you, there are several strategic combinations to building a powerful and complementary team.

Pursue heroes that will keep your team balanced. Since your hero is a typical DPS, try to pair someone nimble on the offensive like Cupid or someone with a lot of defense, such as Thor.

Currently, Hermes and Freya are the only support characters on the roster. It’s recommended to focus on one of these based on what you want to do with your team. Don’t split those tiering and ranking resources between them! It’s just too expensive to focus on both when you need the damage or utility of other heroes.

While XP is the key to leveling-up, using Potions is a great way to fast track so you can max out and increase your rank as they instantly apply a chunk of XP to the applied hero. You can use them within the hero menu.

Eternity Legends is all about grinding, collecting, upgrading and repeating. Hopefully, these tips help keep the game satisfying as you complete each task (while avoiding that paywall).

If you can master the skills of persistence and vigilance, and pick up a few formidable celestial allies, you’ll quickly be on a legendary path to immortality.

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