Evil Dead: The Game: How to Beat Mission 2 “Party Down”

Evil Dead: The Game's Mission 2, Party Down, is a short and sweet quest starring a grizzled Ash.

Evil Dead: The Game's Mission 2, Party Down, is a short and sweet quest starring a grizzled Ash.

Mission 2 of Evil Dead: The Game, “Party Down”, has you playing as the older Ash from Ash vs. The Evil Dead. The campy premise is that after some local punks steal his car Ash figures out the best way to get back at them.

If you guessed this means he wants to throw the hottest party this side of the Stone Age, you’d be right. A rager will surely lure those punks back to where Ash wants them. The silly premise is a fun set up to the  short and sweet Mission 2, which shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete.

How to Beat Mission 2, Party Down, in Evil Dead: The Game

Most of the other missions in Evil Dead: The Game are around 30 minutes in length, a number on par with the length of an average play session in multiplayer.

Mission 2 will likely take you closer to 10 to 15 minutes. You are confined to a small section of the large open area that makes up the game. All the the objectives are marked on your map and there isn’t much meandering when trying to get between them. Like we said, short and sweet. 

The level requires you to collect five Wiseman Brews, all marked on your map, scattered across the section you have access to in Mission 2. The first is near where you spawn. It is sitting next to some matchsticks. From here you can go after any of the four remaining brews in any order. 

Finding the brews is not the challenge in this mission. They are marked accurately and give off a distinct greenish yellow glow. The catch is that you are forced to take on a wave of Deadites each time you pick one up sans the first one. We recommend that you track down the weapons and items on the map before taking on any of these battles. Remember, one mistake can send you right back to the start of the mission. 

First off head to a house in the Southeast of the map. The one your looking for will have a basement wherein you can find a chainsaw. If you find yourself needed healing or assistance you can find Shemp’s Cola, amulets, and ammo at Shockley Auto or the Gas Station

Those are the basics you need to know before diving in to fight the waves of undead in Mission 2. For more tips, guides, and reviews of Evil Dead: The Game look no further than our dedicated game page for all things Evil Dead

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