Mission 3, Kill Em All, is the toughest mission in Evil Dead: The Game so make sure you go in prepared unless you wanna become Deadite food

Evil Dead: The Game: How to Beat Mission 3 “Kill ‘Em All”

Mission 3, Kill Em All, is the toughest mission in Evil Dead: The Game so make sure you go in prepared unless you wanna become Deadite food
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Mission 3 “Kill ‘Em All” is perhaps the most difficult of the five challenging story missions in Evil Dead: The GameIt will require you to defeat three difficult encounters that will pit you against a number of Deadites and Eligos Demons.

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Mission 3 will end once you’ve completed the third of these tough encounters. The catch is, like with all the missions in Evil Dead, there are no checkpoints so death means you’ll have to start all over.

You start Mission 3 as Army of Darkness Ash. To boost your survival chances, you spawn with a legendary rarity Lever-Action Rifle. Did we mention this mission is on a strict time limit? You’re gonna have to make this happen in under 12 minutes

How to Beat Mission 3 “Kill ‘Em All” in Evil Dead: The Game

From where you Mission 3, run down to the farm where your objective is marked and your ride will be waiting.

Before you get in the car and drive to the first Deadite infestation you have to clear, you should search the Faison Farms area around you for ammo, amulets, and Shemp’s Cola. Don’t dally too long, but try and get at least two of each healing item before moving on.

Carefully (driving slow will save you a lot of time in the long run) drive the Oldsmobile to the field near Railway Loop. Run to the top of the field, near where the buildings are. There won’t be any resources in the building but you will find tons of ammo just outside.

This is also a very good vantage point that enemy portals won’t usually spawn near. Snipe off the Deadites from here until you’ve killed them all, refill your ammo, and get the heck out. No time to lose! 

The next area marked on your map for Mission 3 is a field between Dead End and Royal Oak Cemetery. Drive the car there, being sure to stick to the road and not damaging your vehicle. If you wreck it, you’ve gotta walk. 

As you approach the infested area, look for a workbench right off the road in the field. There will be ammo and an assortment of melee weapons to choose from (for the first time in the mission).

We strongly recommend taking the fire axe. It is the most useful tool for taking out Eligos Demons and can kill most normal enemies in one hit. Which, as it turns out, is the best strategy to use for the next encounter. 

Later in the fight, pay attention to when the alien-looking Demi-Eligos Demon spawns. The counter-intuitive best way to deal with this strong enemy is to rush them. Four or five swings with the fire axe should do it, and if you have enough stamina to spam them all you can interrupt all the demon’s attacks doing so. Prioritizing the Demi-Eligos is important since you will want to take them out before they use their split ability and create one more foe for you to deal with. 

After this encounter move yourself — in the Oldsmobile if you still have it up and running — as quickly as you can to the final location marked on your map, near Fairview Campground. On the way to the area where the Mission 3 final encounter will trigger you can find an amulet and ammo near a tent. From here, move on to the final boss of this mission.

Mission 3’s final fight is a mere four enemies, and three of them are basic Deadites. The challenge is of course the Eligos Demon. If you used the fire axe primarily in the last encounter, you should have plenty of ammo to deal with the boss.

Keep your distance, use melee on the regular enemies, and dodge when the Eligos teleports near you. A common follow-up to the teleport is a potentially lethal a melee attack that deals massive damage. It certainly took me down at least once. 

Once you’ve killed the Eligos Demon, you will get the mission accomplished screen for Mission 3 “Kill ‘Em All.” This also unlocks the Survivor Amanda Fisher and the next mission, “It’s not gonna let us go!” For more Evil Dead tips and walkthroughs, keep it locked to our dedicated game page

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