Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players can play Evil Dead: The Game together using crossplay. Here's how to turn the functionality on and off.

Evil Dead: The Game — How to Turn Crossplay On and Off

Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players can play Evil Dead: The Game together using crossplay. Here's how to turn the functionality on and off.

While Evil Dead: The Game has a single-player mode, the draw is the multiplayer experience. You can team up with a group of survivors or play as the forces of Evil no matter where your friends are thanks to the game’s crossplay features. 

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The class-based multiplayer requires teamwork and thoughtful team composition in order to make it to the end of the 30-minute rounds. You’ll need some friends to help fend back the forces of evil. Thankfully, Evil Dead: The Game gives you options when it comes to enlisting help from players across all platforms. 

Does Evil Dead: The Game Have Crossplay?

Evil Dead: The Game does support crossplay between all platforms and will matchmake you with any combination of players by default. When you search for a game with crossplay enabled, you are in a pool with players from all versions of the game. That means PC, Xbox, and PlayStation users can all play Evil Dead: The Game together.

You are free to slay Deadites with strangers or some of your best buddies regardless of which platform or generation of platform they own. When in a match, an icon on the HUD next to a player’s character portrait tells you which platform they are on

How to Turn Crossplay On and Off in Evil Dead: The Game 

Crossplay is on by default the first time you boot up any version of Evil Dead: The Game. This means if you don’t fiddle with the settings, you will be matched with players on any platform. If you wish to limit your options to only players in the same platform ecosystem as you, you can do that by going to the settings menu

  • From the main menu go into settings
  • From there, scroll down to Game settings.
  • The first setting in the Game category is a simple on and off checkbox for crossplay.
    • It is checked by default, but you can go to setting and uncheck it to turn off crossplay at any time you please. 

There are a few legitimate reasons you might want to turn off crossplay. While Evil Dead is mostly a co-op multiplayer experience, there are some PVP elements. Console players using controllers might not want to play with PC players using mouse and keyboard controls. This disparity doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal in Evil Dead compared to more competitive or twitch-based games like Apex Legends.

And that’s how to turn crossplay on and off in Evil Dead: The Game. For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs on Evil Dead: The Game, keep an eye on the game’s guide page for updates. 

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