Electro Griffin is the newest hunter in Evolve Stage 2. Learn everything about his weapons and tactics!

Evolve Stage 2 Hunter Guide: Electro Griffin Tips and Tricks

Electro Griffin is the newest hunter in Evolve Stage 2. Learn everything about his weapons and tactics!

The latest patch for Evolve Stage 2 introduced a new type of hunter – Electro Griffin – an adaptation of a trapper Griffin Hallsey. He wears a brand new Electro Suit that will allow Griffin to move and shoot at the same time. This makes Electro Griffin much more effective in domes and at close range combat.

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The two new weapons – The Laser Storm and The Final Lockdown – are worthy substitutions for Griffin’s standard Gauss SMG and Harpoon Gun. Their attributes are slightly different, and thus require a new approach to handling the character.

This guide will give you all the necessary tips and tricks on how to hunt the monsters with Electro Griffin in Evolve Stage 2.

The Final Lockdown

evolve The Final Lockdown

This is Electro Griffin’s ultimate weapon – a modified harpoon gun that will not only slow down the monster, but will heavily damage it, as described by the developers: “Face melting, chord ripping, shredding sonic disrupter.” However, its range is shorter (25 m) than that of the standard harpoon (41 m).

Tips and Tricks:
  • Try to shoot the monster with The Final Lockdown exactly before it goes for a Traversal.
    • In this way it’ll not only be disrupted, but will receive tremendous amounts of damage.
  • Sometimes the monster manages to keep enough distance, but if you manage to hit it in the back, the monster will be stopped for a moment, which will significantly decrease the distance.
    • Use it to catch a fleeing monster. 
  • Always pair yourself with a medic when harpooning since the gun doesn’t work well on the front side of the monster.
    • In this way medic will be able to heal you, and if the monster goes for a medic, you will be able to harpoon it from the back.

The Laser Storm

evolve The Laser Storm

This is not a bad weapon, however, it should be used mostly in combination with harpoon gun, as by itself it won’t do too much. The advantage of The Laser Storm over the standard SMG is that it is highly precise.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Before using The Laser Storm, always harpoon the monster first, and then you can deal damage with your side weapon.
  • Use its electro neuron dampening plasma to slow down the wildlife.

Sound Spikes

evolve sound spikes

Electro Griffin’s Sound Spikes have a smaller radius (45 m) than the standard spikes (70 m), so it makes him weaker when it comes to trapping the monster than the standard Griffin.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Because of the smaller radius Sound Spikes need to be placed as close as possible to the pathways, in order to have the highest chance of detecting the monster.
  • Sound Spikes are still very vulnerable to destruction, so try to keep them hidden.
    • Also, a destroyed spike may indicate a close presence of the monster.
  • Mini Map is highly advisable to use in combination with the spikes.
    • Set your spikes as early in the game as possible and put them above the ground.

Other tips and tricks

  • You want to have a Reloader/Speedloader perk with your Electric Griffin’s harpoon gun since you need to be able to hold the monster down as quickly and as long as possible.
  • When the monster is inside the dome, you should slow it down immediately and wait before the rest of the hunters will finish it off.
  • When you see that the monster’s life total is at its end, you can switch to your Laser Storm in order to help finish the monster more quickly.
  • Electro Griffin is now much more efficient against mobile monsters, such as Goliath and Wraith.
    • But you still need to move a lot and try to stay behind the enemy’s back.

It is impossible to say which version of Griffin hunter is better, and there is no need to since they are quite different. So, if you want to keep distance and use your Sound Spikes, then go for standard Griffin. If you want to be more mobile and engage in close combat, then choose Electro Griffin.

Which of the two Griffins do you like the best in Evolve Stage 2? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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