Learn about all the hunters' abilities, weapons and gadgets in this guide to Evolve Stage 2.

Evolve Stage 2 Hunters Guide with Tips and Tricks

Learn about all the hunters' abilities, weapons and gadgets in this guide to Evolve Stage 2.
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There are 24 hunters (including adaptations) in Evolve Stage 2 — which can be categorized into four classes: Assaults, Trappers, Medics, and Supports. Each hunter has primary and secondary weapons, and a number of abilities that will be covered in this guide.

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You will learn how to use each hunter and their particular abilities in specific situations. If you like to play as a monster, then check out this guide to monsters’ abilities here.

If you are completely new to the game, first read this beginner’s tutorial on the basic game mechanics here.



This class of hunters is designed to fight monsters face-to-face. They usually wear two weapons for long- and short-range combat, and a shield to protect themselves from massive hits.

Aleksey Markov
  • His main weapon is Lightning Gun that deals a lot of damage. It emits a beam of energy that burns everything on its way.
  • Tips and tricks:
    • Use it to hunt small wildlife, such as Trapjaw and Reaver.
    • It also has a special analyzer that will not deal damage to your allies.
  • His secondary weapon is Assault Rifle that can serve as a good change for the period when you need to recharge the Lightning Gun.
  • Arc Mines are great for making traps in the most unexpected places, such as top of the cliff or other hideouts.
Blitz Markov
  • Blitz is using the so-called Tesla Gun that is similar to Aleksey’s Lightning Gun, but in this case its power grows the longer you use the beam.
    • Concentrate the beam on one or more enemies without interruption and watch it demolish everything on its way.
  • The same principle goes for his Tesla Mines — the longer they lay charging, the bigger they explode.
  • Hyde’s Flamethrower is a great weapon although it is quite short-ranged.
    • Use it to set enemy on fire and even if it escapes the burn will keep dealing the damage.
  • The Minigun, on the other hand, is great for short long-range bursts. In this case, it will be both very accurate and deal a lot more damage.
  • Use Toxic Grenades to lure the monster out of its hideouts.
James Parnell
  • Parnell uses Combat Shotgun for close-range combat and Multifire Rocket Launcher for long-range combat.
  • His trademark is Super Soldier Armor that boosts all of his damage, but also deals damage to himself.
    • Use it when you need to increase your firepower for a short period of time.
Torvald Stavig
  • Similar to that of Parnell’s equipment, Torvald uses an Autofire Shotgun for close-range combat and Mortar for long-range combat.
  • The Shrapnel Grenades are great for dealing damage to a monster in compact areas, such as caves.
Ida Lennox
  • This female hunter carries Plasma Lance that doubles its damage after each consecutive hit. However, if Ada gets damaged, the counter on the Lance damage nullifies.
  • Her Thunder Strike ability allows Ada to jump high into the air and deal a lot of damage when she crashes back down.



This class of hunters specializes in tracking down monsters using all sorts of gadgets and traps. They also have a weapon that is usually used to slow down the prey.

Margaret “Maggie” Lumumba
  • Maggie uses Harpoon Traps to catch a monster. It should step on it for it to activate — which slows down the monster enough for Assaults to pick it up.
    • Set up Harpoon Traps on the waysides, so the monsters wouldn’t be able to see them immediately.
  • Daisy the Pet Trapjaw is a hound that can smell the monster, thus leading Maggie to its exact position.
  • Her improved version — Wasteland Maggie — has Fire Traps instead of Harpoon ones, and her Pet also has a flamethrower.
Griffin Hallsey
  • Griffin also has a Harpoon weapon, but he carries it in his hands. It does the same job as Maggie’s Traps.
    • Use it when monster runs straight at you — Harpoon Gun will stop it immediately.
  • His main tool is Sound Spikes — a positioning system that tracks down the monster’s movements.
    • Set them in different locations, for example, hide them in the bushes.
Abraham “Abe” Presley
  • Abe’s got Stasis Grenades that slow down all creatures within the radius of explosion.
    • Use these grenades against especially mobile monsters, such as Wraith and Goliath.
  • His other weapon is Tracking Dart Pistol — which deals no damage, but shoots darts with tagging ability similar to Griffin’s tracking spikes.
Khovalyg “Crow”
  • Crow is carrying two rifles: Stasis Rifle — for slowing monsters down, and Kinetic Rifle — for dealing damage.
  • He also has a pet — Gobi (Batray) that can fly and detect monsters on the ground. As soon as it detects the monster, it will be tagged.
Jack Arthur Lennox
  • Jack’s Repulsor is also designed to slow monsters down, but instead of harpoons it shoots a laser beam.
    • Use Jack’s jetpack to jump high into the air and use Repulsor on the monster from above.
  • The Survey Satellite is a neat gadget that emits constant laser beams. If monster touches one of its beams it’ll get both damaged and tagged.



Medics’ purpose does not entirely revolve around healing their teammates, they can also have offensive weapons and some special abilities, such as reviving the dead.

Valerie “Val” Wolski
  • Medgun is her main tool that heals one target at a time and has a fantastic range.
    • As a Medic it’s your job to heal your party, so keep your Medgun ready at all times.
  • She also has the Tranquilizer Gun that can slow the monster down and highlight its position.
  • Her modified version — Rogue Val — uses Medgun with an AOE ability, meaning that it can heal all three other teammates simultaneously.
Ðorde “Lazarus” Živkovic
  • This hunter is nicknamed after the Lazarus Device that brings dead hunters back to life with full health.
    • Before reviving dead teammates try to distract the monster from eating the body, then you can safely restore them.
  • He also has a Personal Cloak that makes him invisible to others.
    • Use it in combination with Lazarus Device to revive your party in a sneaky way.
Caira Diaz
  • Caira’s arsenal consists of a Grenade Launcher that shoots two types of grenades — one with napalm and the other one with healing.
    • Use napalm grenades to damage the monster and healing ones to restore your party’s HP.
  • Her Acceleration Field ability is really cool — it creates a field of energy that boosts your team’s movement speed.
Alex “Slim”
  • Alex carries two types of guns — one for damage and one for confusion.
    • Leech Gun is used for damage that shoots with charged green particles.
    • Spore Gun creates a cloud of spores around monster that prevents him from smelling the prey.
  • His Healing Drone is used as a passive source of heal, so you don’t need to chase your teammates to heal them.
    • Just set up the drone somewhere close and it’ll do the job.
  • This medic utilizes a Replay Cannon that works in an interesting way — first, it shoots out a tracker that hits the target, and then, it sends a swarm of missiles that chase the tracker, thus damaging the target wherever it is.
  • In order to restore his teammates’ HP E.M.E.T. throws a bunch of small Healing Beacons into mid-air that provide slow, but reliable healing.



As the only hybrid class in the game Supports combine many different abilities of all the other classes of hunters, thus making them the most flexible choice.

Henry “Hank” Allen
  • Hank is clearly closer to Assault class than any other Support. His Laser Cutter is so strong that it can single-handedly put down a monster.
  • Shield Projector protects him from damage, and Orbital Barrage ability allows him to summon a lot of explosives falling from the sky, thus serving as an AOE.
  • The adaptation of Hank — Tech Sergeant Hank — has all the same abilities, but slightly boosted.
    • For example, his Laser Cutter fires faster and his Orbital Drill lasts longer.
  • Bucket’s Guided Missile Launcher is a great weapon for long-range combat. It fires a missile which can be controlled to precisely hit the target.
  • He can also have up to three Sentry Guns at the same time. These look like floating drones that fire automatically and explode when they’re out of ammo.
    • Use them to trap monster inside the cave or lure it out.
William Cabot
  • Cabot’s Rail Cannon is a heavy weapon that can pierce through solid rocks and other terrain.
  • Damage Amplifier is a gadget that when targeted at the monster will double all the damage that it receives.
  • Similarly to Hank’s Orbital Weapons Cabot’s Dust Tagging drops radioactive dust from the sky that highlights every living being in the radius of 200 feet.
Sunny Yú
  • Sunny owns probably the most devastating weapon in the game — Mini-nuke Grenade Launcher.
    • It can only be used as a long-range weapon, so it’s up for you to decide if that’s an advantage or a drawback.
  • Use Sunny’s Booster to increase her jetpack’s burst potential by 50%.
  • Shield Drones are great for protecting your teammates.
    • Put them somewhere high to cover a larger territory.
Kala Kapur
  • Kala’s weapons are really weird. She uses Siren Missiles that turn into mines when they hit the ground. They continue moving and dealing damage.
  • Her Teleport Pads work as an in-n-out teleport rifts that allow hunters to quickly move from one position to another. If you’ve ever played Portal, you will instantly like this ability.
  • Use her Armor Reducer to weaken the monsters’ armor.

It doesn’t matter which of the two classes — hunters or monsters — you want to play in Evolve Stage 2. You still need to know the characteristics of all the characters to be able to not only play them well, but also to effectively counter their abilities.

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