Here's how to build your Legion's base of operations in Expeditions: Rome through Legion Outpost management and upgrades.

Expeditions: Rome Legion Outpost Upgrades Guide

Here's how to build your Legion's base of operations in Expeditions: Rome through Legion Outpost management and upgrades.

Your base of operations in Expeditions: Rome is your Legion Outpost, and adding upgrades to it helps you solidify your foothold in various regions across the map. As you lead your army to explore new lands, you’ll need to know how this system works to remain successful in battle.

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This Expeditions: Rome guide explains the various mechanics and building chains found in the Legion Outpost, as well as what upgrades to keep an eye out for as you play.

How to Unlock Legion Outpost Buildings and Upgrades in Expeditions: Rome

Since there are a lot of mechanics to discuss, we suggest you take a look at our other Expeditions: Rome guides regarding Praetorian/Centurion recruitment and perksConquests and Strategems, and Pacification missions to learn everything there is to know about these mechanics.

For this particular guide, though, we’ll look at those features related to the Legion Outpost Management menu. You can access it by pressing the “O” key or by interacting with the outpost tent and eagle in your base.

Praetorian Assignments and Upgrades

The first tab (seen below) shows you the assignments that are available for the buildings that have already been unlocked. You can assign a unique companion or a generic Praetorian recruit to these buildings. While they’re in the middle of a task, they won’t be able to join you in tactical battles, so keep that in mind.

The second tab shows you the upgrade tree for your Legion outpost in Expeditions: Rome. By default, only the Market is unlocked. This is where you’ll trade resources early in the campaign.

The other tabs will unlock as you progress. You’ll send Legio VI Victrix to conquer landmarks, such as Farms, Iron Mines, Lumber Mills, and Tanneries, on the world map. In turn, you’ll receive the tools that will allow you to fully construct these buildings/upgrades instantly.

Try to be mindful of the resources that you have. You don’t want to accidentally upgrade something that you won’t need, only to find out that you need yet another Iron Mine in a different sector or region.

Important Legion Outpost Building Chains

Below, we list the notable Legion outpost building chains in Expeditions: Rome, as well as their functions/possible assignments:

Barracks -> Garrison -> Praetorium

This is one of the most integral aspects of your Legion outpost in Expeditions: Rome. If a character is assigned to this chain, you’ll have a pool of new soldiers that can be hired. Pick a character with the Recruiter perk so that those soldiers have the same level as your main character. Subsequent upgrades also increase the levels of possible recruits.

Armory -> Forge -> Foundry

Upgrading this building chain lets you craft weapons, armors, and tactical items of a higher tier. Still, you need a Praetorian with the Crafty perk to do that job. You can learn more in our crafting guide.

Speculator Tent -> Legatus Tent -> Imperator Tent

This chain is fairly important as it allows you to replenish tactical items such as caltrops, pila, torches, bandages, and others. Subsequent upgrades also increase the number of replenishments.

Assign someone with the Freeloader perk to gain an extra replenishment that’s free. Otherwise, you’ll use up raw materials and denarii. There’s another related perk called Scavenger that simply decreases the time required to complete the process and, as such, isn’t as helpful as the Freeloader perk.

Dispensary -> Infirmary -> Hospital

This building chain will treat injured characters over time (with the alternative being the Triage menu). Likewise, this is the only place where critically injured characters can recover. If you don’t heal them, they’ll die. Subsequent upgrades will only decrease the treatment time, so don’t prioritize this chain. In any case, you can learn more in our healing and injuries guide.

Bath -> Lavacrum

A character with the Social perk can be assigned to the Bath to increase the army’s morale by +4 points every 32 hours in-game. Alternatively, you can place a party member here if their loyalty is very low. It will slowly improve up to a certain threshold depending on the upgrade level. You can learn more in our Rhetorical Style and loyalty guide.

Workshop -> Factory -> Arsenal

The Workshop building chain is where you can assign a Praetorian with the Architect perk to research new Strategems. These are cards that are drawn randomly in battles, boosting certain aspects of your army and debilitating your foes. Upgrades allow for higher-level Strategems. You can learn more in our Conquests and Strategems guide.

Note that Praetorians will leave certain assignments once the process is completed. You’ll need to return to your base (where Legio VI Victrix is encamped) to reassign them.

As for the rest, these Legion outpost chains don’t require you to assign characters.

Market -> Emporium -> Commercium

Upgrades simply increase the number of resources that are being sold, while making the merchant’s prices more favorable. You can learn more in our resources and trading guide.

Palisades -> Walls -> Stone Walls

These upgrades will just increase your Legion’s strength in case your base/where your army is encamped gets attacked.

Stockpile -> Depot -> Storehouse

Similar to the walls, but this chain will increase your Legion’s strength while conquering territories.

Lastly, the third tab in the Legions Outpost is where you can customize the colors and emblems of your Legion and Praetorians in Expeditions: Rome. The selections here are unlocked as you progress further in the campaign, completing main quests and sidequests along the way.

And that’s what you need to know about upgrading your Legion Outpost in Expeditions: Rome. For more tips, head over to our guides hub.

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