Fallout 76: How to Get Deathclaw Eggs

Wondering where to find Deathclaw Eggs in Fallout 76? These are the best locations to find and farm them.

Wondering where to find Deathclaw Eggs in Fallout 76? These are the best locations to find and farm them.
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Obtaining Deathclaw Eggs in Fallout 76 is no easy matter. Not only do you have to find a Deathclaw nest, but you’ll most likely have to face off against the Deathclaw guarding it, too. To make things a little easier, here are the best locations to find and farm Deathclaw Eggs in Fallout 76. 

Deathclaw Egg Farming Locations

There are a few different locations across Appalachia that have nests where Deathclaw Eggs can be found:

  • Deathclaw Island in the nest or in the suitcase 
  • Abandoned Waste Dump has 1 nest outside to the left of the cave entrance and 2 inside
  • Hopewell Cave

As part of the quest Hunter for Hire, you’ll be sent to Deathclaw Island by Liebowitz to obtain a Deathclaw Egg. 

Sometimes a nest will only contain Cracked Deathclaw Eggs, which are considered junk. They can be scrapped for x1 Acid and x1 Bone. 

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Deathclaw Eggs can also spawn in the following areas: 

  • Enclave Research Facility
  • Monorail Elevator second level on top of the workstation roof; found on a picnic blanket 
  • Artkos Pharmacy Protein Sequencer room
  • During the Deathclaw random encounters Deathclaw vs Super Mutants or Deathclaw vs Merchant Caravan 

What to do With Deathclaw Eggs in Fallout 76?

Besides completing daily or weekly challenges, Deathclaw Eggs are also used in recipes.

  • Deathclaw Egg Omelette 
  • Deathclaw Wellington

Those are all the locations where Deathclaw Eggs can be found in the Appalachian Wasteland, as well as what to do with them after harvesting them. For more help with the game, be sure to check out our Fallout 76 guides page

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