Fallout 76: Where to Find Yao Guai

If you need to take down a Yao Guai in Fallout 76, this is where to find them.

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There are a variety of mutated creatures in post-apocalyptic Appalachia. Brahmin, mirelurk, radscorpion are just a few of them. The most similar to its pre-radiation form, however, is the Yao Guai, a mangy bear with a mean streak. Quests, dailies, and more revolve around finding the creatures and taking them out. Here’s where to find Yao Guai in Fallout 76.

Where to Find Yao Guai in Fallout 76

Yao Guai can be found in many places and are known to appear during the “Irrational Fear” and “Project Paradise” events. They also appear during the quest “Flavors of Mayhem” and sometimes during the “Free Range” event. The Scorched Yao Guai variant has a chance to spawn during the defense of the Scorchbeast Queen during the “Scorched Earth” event.

Confirmed Yao Guai Spawn Points

In the wild, there are a few locations where they can be found consistently in Fallout 76:

  • Dolly Sods Wilderness (near the entrance and on the way to Dolly Sods Campground).
  • Mountainside Bed & Breakfast (on the train tracks).
  • Philippi Battlefield Cemetery (in the parking lot).
  • Site Alpha

In addition to the locations and events mentioned above, Yao Guai can sometimes spawn in these areas:

  • Beckwith Farm
  • Graninger Farm
  • Middle Mountain Pit Stop (formerly Middle Mountain Cabins)
  • Pumpkin House
  • Seneca Rocks Visitor Center
  • Whitespring Golf Club (in the center of the course)
  • Whitespring Resort (garden)

How to Kill Yao Guai in Fo76

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Like other creatures in Fo76, Yao Guai have multiple variations, including Glowing Yao Guai and Albino Yao Guai. They’re all extremely aggressive, with heavy melee attacks that can stagger you, leaving open for easy attacks unless you have healing items or food already procced. The mutated bears are more resistant to Cryo and Fire damage than they are Energy, Poison, and regular hacking and slashing. They’re immune to radiation damage, so avoid using that when hunting these animals down.

I personally like to attack a Yao Guai from afar to get their health down before they charge. Then I can finish them up with melee attacks if necessary. Stay alert, though: Yao Guai often spawn in groups of two or three. If you make a run from one, it will continue to chase you down until you enter a building or load into a new area.

Yao Guai Item Drops Detailed

All Yao Guai can drop the following items when slain:

  • Yao Guai meat
  • Yao Guai hide
  • Loose springs
  • Waste acid

Glowing Yao Guai can also drop:

  • Glowing blood
  • Glowing meat
  • Nuclear waste

Whether you’re looking to take one out to build a Bear Arm or simply want a nice trophy, that’s where to find Yao Guai in Fallout 76. For more locations of creatures, as well as items, check out our full Fo76 guides vault.

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