Here is a tier list of the best weapons in Far Cry 6, including both unique and non-unique weapons.

Far Cry 6: Best Weapons Tier List and Locations

Here is a tier list of the best weapons in Far Cry 6, including both unique and non-unique weapons.

The best weapons in Far Cry 6 can be hard to discern since there are so many it can be overwhelming. From the ordinary assault rifles and shotguns to some truly unique options, this game will have you spin your head in search of the best weapons.

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In this guide you will find a tier list of the best weapons in Far Cry 6, including both unique and non-unique weapons. Many of these will not be available from the start, but they will surely make things easier later in the game.

Far Cry 6: S-Tier Weapons


  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Rate of Fire: 900
  • Magazine: 30

The best weapon in the game for short to midrange is undoubtedly Urushi, a unique assault rifle that is already modded with everything you need except the scope. But you won’t notice that anything is lacking when using it.

It has a great grip and a silencer that will make your stealth gameplay so much more effective. It has high damage, huge fire rate, and excellent precision.

Urushi Location

You can find Urushi at the southeastern part of the Esperanza region. You need to look out for a port in Old Pueblo.

Urushi can be seen amongst the crates at the port inside a Yaran contraband suitcase.

El Tirano

  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Rate of Fire: 43
  • Magazine: 6

This is the best sniper rifle in the game in terms of damage and range, and easily one of the best weapons. It’s simply unbeatable in that regard, and its only drawback is that it doesn’t have a silencer, which eliminates a stealthy gameplan.

But other than that, El Tirano will do any sniping job you need to accomplish. It has extremely high accuracy and damage, as well as, rate of fire for a sniper rifle.

El Tirano Location

First, travel to the Valle De Oro region. Then, head towards the Escila Fort at Vestosa Peninsula in Barrial.

Locate a lighthouse at the local port and use grappling hook. The rifle can be found inside a suitcase on top of it.

A-Tier Weapons

El Capirote

  • Type: Bow
  • Rate of Fire: 55
  • Magazine: 1

If you want to go truly stealthy in Far Cry 6, then getting a bow can be an excellent choice, especially if you can get El Capirote.

This bow uses special precision arrows that fly longer and more accurately, it has a short-range sight for better visibility, and it is equipped with a Beast Mod that deals extra damage to animals.

El Capirote Location

You need to go to the Guerilla Camp and build a Hunter’s Lodge at the construction desk.

El Capirote bow is a reward for building Tier 1 lodge.

Impact Driver

  • Type: Light Machine Gun
  • Rate of Fire: 1176
  • Magazine: 100

This LMG has a surreal bullet speed, which can be highly efficient when dealing with a while bunch of enemies or a pack of animals.

The damage could be higher, but this weapon compensates with its firing range to an extent it belongs among the best weapons.

Impact Driver Location

Once again, travel to the Valle De Oro region. Then, move towards the Chancletas Resort at Muerte Point in Barrial.

Approach the resort from the southwest and jump over a pair of locked gates. The suitcase with LMG will be right there.

El Depredador

  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Rate of Fire: 75
  • Magazine: 5

If you are looking for a powerful sniper rifle specifically for stealthy build, then El Depredador can be a great acquisition.

It doesn’t have the stats of El Tirano, but it does have a suppressor, high precision and long range.

El Depredador Location

Just like the case with El Capirote bow, you need to build a Hunter’s Lodge at the Guerilla Camp, and then upgrade it with 110x Medicine and 110x Metal to be able to get El Depredador.

B-Tier Weapons

Into Orbit

  • Type: Rocket Launcher
  • Rate of Fire: 14
  • Magazine: 1

Usually rocket launchers deal a lot of damage, but are not always as precise as one would like. Into Orbit is a totally different story, as this is the most accurate launcher you will find in the game.

It’s not as precise as a sniper rifle, but it will get the missile exactly to where you need it to be.

Into Orbit Location

This weapon can be obtained as a part of the Liquid Courage treasure hunt. You need to go to Del Toro Port in Star Rocket Brewery, Valle de Oro, and blow up the brewery tanks.

Once you’re inside the manager’s office, you will be rewarded with 150 XP and Into Orbit weapon.

La Clavadora

  • Type: Resolver Weapon
  • Rate of Fire: 15
  • Magazine: 1

La Clavadora could be described as a crossbow that shoots harpoons, which is a dangerous package. It shoots powerful missiles that impale enemies, which can be used as a bait to lure some predators. It’s no surprise this is one of the best weapons in Far Cry 6.

La Clavadora Location

Since this is not a unique weapon, it can be found inside any of the FND type chest. The drop rate is entirely random, so keep looking.

It can also be acquired from Juan or the arms dealers.

Those are the best weapons in Far Cry 6. For more related guides check out our dedicated hub page. Also, be sure to read our official review of the game.

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