Wondering what the grassland care tools are for and how they work in Farming Simulator 22? Wonder no more with the help of this guide.

Farming Simulator 22 Grassland Care Guide: Harvesting, Fertilization, & Bonsilage

Wondering what the grassland care tools are for and how they work in Farming Simulator 22? Wonder no more with the help of this guide.

Grasslands are more important in Farming Simulator 22 than you may think, and grassland care is a fruitful endeavor. Out of the different crop options you have available, the humble patch of grass shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Grass is one of the most versatile crops in Farming Simulator 22; it can be used as feed or fuel, it’s the fastest-growing crop, and it persists season after season with little upkeep. There are countless tools made specifically for grassland care and in this iteration of the game, we get new tools to boot

In this Farming Simulator 22 guide, we’re diving into grassland care to learn all there is to know about these new tools and this infinitely useful crop that should have at least one dedicated field on your farm.

Farming Simulator 22 Grassland Care Guide

Grassland Harvesting & Fertilization

Grass grows from planted seed to harvestable product in 2 “day” cycles. Once the grow time has been reached, grass growth can be mowed with a dedicated mower or tractor attachment, and there are a number of ways to use the clippings. You could:

  • Use a tedder to turn the grass into hay or bale it as-is
  • Windrow and collect it with a forage cart or baler to wrap it
    • Turn it into silage.
    • Dump it into a bunker silo to bulk ferment.

A mowed grassland will naturally sit at 50% fertilized. You can leave the grassland as-is if you don’t want to maximize your yield or spread various fertilizers on it. For a small investment and little extra time spent post-mowing, however, there is a one-time fee option to keep your grass fields topped off at 100%

Go to the Grassland Care section of the farming equipment store. Find the grass rollers in the Grassland Care tab. These are very different from their counterparts in the rollers section. Instead of rolling small rocks back down into the soil, they compress the freshly cut grass on itself to increase yield.

There’s no change to growing time and no need for fertilizer/slurry/manure. Simply purchase a grass roller and attach it to a tractor with enough horsepower to run it, then roll over the field after mowing. 

You can collect the mowed grass before or after rolling it. However, do not roll over a grassland before harvesting the grass. You will destroy your field and have to wait for two cycles before the grassland will be ready to harvest again. 

If you’re playing with Seasons enabled, you may also notice that your grass isn’t harvestable during the winter months. According to some posts on the official Farming Simulator 22 forums, this is a known bug that should be fixed in the next official update patch.

The Importance of Bonsilage

To increase yield by 5% more, use bonsilage. Bonsilage is an additive that can be found in the pallet section of the shop. It can be added to some of the more expensive forage carts and some of the forage harvesters prior to harvesting or picking up grass.

Bonsilage is pretty useful in general but especially you want to bulk up your haul while harvesting larger grasslands. It’s perfect if you plan on building the Biogas plant as a source of income by using silage. 

Whether you’re using grass for extra income at the Biogas plant or using it to feed your livestock, grassland care in Farming Simulator 22 is an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked. For more tips around the ranch, consider heading over to our FS 22 guides hub!

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