Earn a cool $1 million by finding all of the game cartridges on the Haut-Beyleron map with the help of this Farming Simulator 22 collectibles guide.

Farming Simulator 22 Haut-Beyleron Collectibles: Where to Find All Game Cartridges

Earn a cool $1 million by finding all of the game cartridges on the Haut-Beyleron map with the help of this Farming Simulator 22 collectibles guide.

There are 20 Game Cartridges to find as collectibles in the Haut-Beyleron map for Farming Simulator 22. Their locations are spread all over the beautiful landscape of the French countryside, and finding all of their locations will net you a bonus $1 million USD in starting money, which can go a long way towards growing your farming empire.

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The Scavenger hunt achievement is one of the interesting new additions to Farming Simulator 22 over the previous games in the simulator series. Each of the three base maps has collectibles (there are a mind-numbing 100 on Elmcreek and a more manageable 12 on the Erlengrat), but Haut-Beyleron sits snugly in the middle. Here’s where to find each of the 20 game cartridges in Haut-Beyleron, with screenshots and coordinates for all of the collectibles.

Farming Simulator 22 Haut-Beyleron Game Cartridges: All Locations

Coordinates: x 1140, y 983.

The first of the game cartridge collectibles is found nestled beside a ladder not too far from the spawn area.

Coordinates: x 1247, y 950.

The next game cartridge can be found in a tunnel near the castle ruins, and roughly east from the first of the collectibles.

Coordinates: x 1221, y 1052.

Heading roughly south of the last collectible, you’ll find the next of the game cartridges behind a bench in a small park by the water. 

Coordinates: x 1275, y 694.

You’re going to have to do a bit of parkour to get to this game cartridge next to Field 18, but it’s worth it!

Coordinates: x 1348, y 913.

We’re back in and around the castle for the next few cart collectibles. This cheeky fella is hiding by a light post.

Coordinates: x 1293, y 926.

This game cartridge is a bit sneaky. It’s inside of the castle and up some stairs, to your left if you’re coming in the main entrance. Make sure you don’t walk past it!

Coordinates: x 1585, y 944.

You can’t miss this massive catapult and are rewarded for your efforts with one of the map’s collectibles: game cart number seven.

Coordinates: x 1751, y 950.

This game cartridge is in the left-most row of trees and can be a bit trickier to see than the other collectibles in Haut-Beyleron.

Coordinates: x 1570, y 810.

The next of the game cartridges can be found behind the spinner, which you can fast travel to.

Coordinates: x 1028, y 1013.

Game cart number 10 can be found down by the docks between a blue and a yellow inflatable raft. Halfway there: only 10 collectibles to go!

Coordinates: x 851, y 1041.

This tricky little game cartridge is tucked behind a building roughly north of Field 27.

Coordinates: x 756, y 875.

You’ll find this game cartridge up on the railroad bridge tucked into one of the little alcoves.

Coordinates: x 584, y 369.

This one is nestled on top of this arcade cabinet right by a fast travel point near Field 8. It’s one of the easier collectibles to find.

Coordinates: x 570, y 173.

Just a short distance north from the previous game cartridge you’ll find this collectible tucked away behind someone’s house. 

Coordinates: x 127, y 69.

The next of the game cartridges can be found up the west of Field 1, tucked behind the wall of an outbuilding. 

Coordinates: x 87, y 818.

Just a bit west of Field 8, you’ll find another one of Haut-Beyleron’s collectibles perched atop this bit of wall.

Coordinates: x 204, y 1270.

This cartridge collectible can be found on the little island snuggled up next to some bushes.

Coordinates: x 1235, y 188.

Tucked in the wooded area north of Field 14 rests a game cart on a remnant of a wall. 

Coordinates: x 1077, y 1345.

The second-to-last of the cartridge collectibles rests at the water’s edge on this protruding landmass on the lake between Fields 30, 32, and 33.

Coordinates: x 1413, y 1893.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner: you’ve found the last of the game cartridges pretending to be a rock in this small chunk of woods!

Congratulations, you’ve found all of the hidden game cartridges in Haut-Beyleron in Farming Simulator 22. Now that you have all of the collectibles in hand, you should have a better idea of the lay of the land for your future farming endeavors, as well as a bit more cash in your pocket. For more on Farm Sim 22, check out our other guides here, including tips on animal husbandry and more.

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