Farming Simulator 22: How to Make Money Fast

Looking to make some money fast? Check out these tips and tricks to rake in the cash for that expensive equipment in Farming Simulator 22.

Looking to make some money fast? Check out these tips and tricks to rake in the cash for that expensive equipment in Farming Simulator 22.

Wondering how to make money fast in Farming Simulator 22? This guide will tell you the quickest ways to earn cash, and it includes a few tips and tricks to help you best use it, too! There’s lots to buy when it comes to not just farming, but animal husbandry and forestry, so streamlining your efforts early can pay huge dividends for your farm down the line.

Most simulation games like Farming Simulator 22 aren’t really about speed or progressing toward one end state. There’s not exactly a time limit put on your various challenges and goals — well, aside from what you set for yourself. So why not make money fast at the start to reap the profits down the line?

All of the “best” equipment costs a considerable amount and if you’re like me, you wanna play with those big, shiny, and expensive toys sooner rather than later.

The Best Ways to Make Money Fast in Farming Simulator 22

Find the Hidden Collectibles on Every Map

If you’re playing one of the three base maps in Farming Simulator 22, then finding all of the hidden collectibles on each map is a super quick way to earn money. You can net between $120,000 and $1.1 million without even touching a piece of machinery.

If you don’t feel like doing that scavenger hunt on your own, don’t worry: we’ve already got you covered with collectible guides on Elmcreek, Haut-Beyleron, and Erlengrat, complete with grid coordinates and/or pictures. 

Chickens, Chickens, Chickens

Chickens are one of the best animals in Farming Simulator 22 if you want that early game cash. They’re cheap, they require very little maintenance, and their eggs sell for a hefty sum. We talk about how beneficial they are in our animal husbandry guide, but here’s the TL;DR of what you need to get started: 

  • Buy the biggest chicken coop
  • Buy 10 roosters and 100 chickens
  • Make sure to keep their food topped up
  • Profit $$$

Chickens aren’t entirely hands-off, mind. You’ll have to load pallets into the back of your truck or into the truck-towable pallet trailer found in the store’s Misc tab for about $10,000. Luckily, the best part is that a full pallet of eggs doesn’t require a forklift to load.

Once you cap out at 360 chickens in a coop, you’ll average about 2,800L of eggs per day (2 pallets). Considering the average exchange rate for eggs, that equates to roughly $5,600 per day

Also remember that because roosters will repopulate coop numbers, you can sell some chickens as you reach the coop population cap. And finally, you can buy more than one coop to speed things along, just remember to keep supply and demand in mind. Oversaturation will cause prices to drop.

Take On Contracts for Fast Money

If you find that you’re done with your farm chores but there’s a lot of daylight left, consider taking on a few contracts to boost your bank account. Contracts can be a great way to earn money fast and learn a thing or two about Farming Simulator 22.

You can find contracts for all kinds of jobs, from harvesting and bailing to plowing and fertilizing. Another added benefit to taking contracts for cash is that it lets you rent equipment to do the job for a very cheap fixed price, so there’s no wear and tear on your tools. It’s a great chance to try out other equipment you might not normally try if, too.

You can find the contracts tab in the main menu; it’s the set of papers icon above the logistics tab and below the animals’ tab. Depending on the season, the contracts can range wildly so make sure to check frequently.

Get Into Fabric Production

The new production chain system in Farming Simulator 22 has added some great new opportunities for diversifying how you make money. Gone are the days of harvest to sell point, with the ability to take your grains to the flour mill, your cotton to the spinnery, olives to the oil mill, and so on. 

While there are many things to produce in FS 22, one of the most lucrative production chains is cotton -> fabric -> clothing. In a normal economy setting, the average price difference between raw cotton and clothing is roughly $10,000/L.

You’ll have to invest in sheep and a sheep barn for $97,000, as well as a spinnery and a tailor shop for $160,000, but you can mitigate investment costs somewhat by picking up a used harvester for about 30% below retail average. Once you get production up and running, you’ll line your pockets without much effort.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of ways to stack your bank account to the ceiling in Farming Simulator 22, they’re some of the best methods for earning money fast. If you have a favorite money-making tip share it below, and make sure to check out our other FS 22 guides for more helpful farming content! 

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