A guide to farming Forgotten Fragments in FFXIV's new Bozja instance, with mob drops and each fragment's Lost Actions.

FFXIV Bozja Forgotten Fragment Locations Guide

A guide to farming Forgotten Fragments in FFXIV's new Bozja instance, with mob drops and each fragment's Lost Actions.

Success in FFXIV‘s new Bozja zone doesn’t just boil down to your Resistance Rank or how many Critical Engagements you join. The Lost Actions you have available and equipped are imperative to surviving and thriving on the battlefield.

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To add more Lost Actions to your repertoire, you need to get Forgotten Fragments and take them back to a Resistance Appraiser to be appraised, after which you can go to a Lost Finds Cache to add them to your Lost Finds Holster.

It’s recommended you set keys for Duty Actions if you haven’t already as you’ll likely need to use Bozja’s Lost Actions and items in a pinch. You can do this by:

  1. Open the system menu
  2. Click ‘Keybind’
  3. Click ‘Hotbar’
  4. Scroll all the way down to Duty Actions I and Duty Actions II to set binds

Forgotten Fragments, aside from the early rank ones, have to be obtained through slaying certain enemies, taking part in FATEs in specified parts of the map, or gotten in Castrum Lacus Litori.

In this guide, we’re going to go over each type of Forgotten Fragment and where / how you can get them for yourself and add to your Lost Action repertoire.

We’ve separated the fragments by the Bozjan zone they can be obtained, as the second and third zones are unlocked by raising your rank and completing the requisite quests. The zones are marked on the map below for reference, though Castrum is not.

Note: S rank mobs are marked with a star next to their nameplate, as seen below.

Bozja Zone One Forgotten Fragments

Fragment Gotten via Lost Actions
Lost Fragment of Caution Trading clusters
S rank mobs
Cure III
Lost Fragment of
Elemental sprites
Bozjan Geshunpest
Bozjan Wraith
Resistance Potion
Phoenix Down
Lost Fragment of Skill Bozjan Nepenthes
Bozjan Orodon
Bozjan Mudpuppy
Bozjan Matamata
Essence of the Aetherweaver
Essence of the Martialist
Essence of the Platebearer
Essence of the Savior
Essence of the Veteran


Bozja Zone Two Forgotten Fragments

Fragment Gotten via Lost Actions
Forgotten Fragment of
Trading clusters
S rank mobs
Banish III
Paralyze III
Forgotten Fragment of Care Elemental sprites
Bozjan Dullahan
Bozjan Wight
Ether Kit
Potion Kit
Forgotten Fragment of
Red Chocobo
Bozjan Sabotender
Bozjan Doblyn
Bozjan Biast
Bozjan Bandersnatch
Bozjan Antlion
Bozjan Worm
Bozjan Tormentor
Bozjan Taipan
Essence of the Breathtaker
Essence of the Guardian
Essence of the Irregular
Essence of the Guardian
Essence of the Profane
Essence of the Ordained
Essence of the Watcher
Essence of the Skirmisher


Bozja Zone 3 Forgotten Fragments

Fragment Gotten via Lost Actions
Forgotten Fragment of Support Elemental sprites Bravery
Forgotten Fragment of Compassion Bozjan Screamer
Bozjan Elbst
Bozjan Wadjet
Bozjan Monitor
Bozjan Gobbue
Bozjan Snake
Bozjan Ochu
Bozjan Elasmoth
Bozjan Anzu
Bozjan Doll
Cure II
Cure IV
Forgotten Fragment of Violence S rank mobs
Bozjan Gravekeeper
Bozjan Rider


Critical Engagement Forgotten Fragments

Fragment Lost Actions
Forgotten Fragment of Resolve Banner of Firm Resolve
Banner of Honored Sacrifice
Banner of Honed Acuity
Banner of Noble Ends
Banner of Solemn Clarity
Banner of Tireless Conviction


Castrum Forgotten Fragments

Fragment Lost Actions
Forgotten Fragment of Becoming Deep Essence of the Breathtaker
Deep Essence of the Guardian
Deep Essence of the Irregular
Deep Essence of the Ordained
Deep Essence of the Profane
Deep Essence of the Skirmisher
Deep Essence of the Watcher
Forgotten Fragment of Caprice Dynamis Dice
Fair Trade
Forgotten Fragment of Mastery Deep Essence of the Aetherweaver
Deep Essence of the Martialist
Deep Essence of the Savior
Deep Essence of the Platebearer
Deep Essence of the Veteran
Forgotten Fragment of Sagacity Font of Magic
Font of Power
Font of Skill
Forgotten Fragment of Superstition Essence of the Beast
Essence of the Bloodsucker
Essence of the Templar
Forgotten Fragment of Transcendence Deep Essence of the Beast
Deep Essence of the Bloodsucker
Deep Essence of the Templar


Though you don’t have to participate in the Bozjan resistance effort to get your relic weapon, you do have to duke it out and even do Castrum Lacus Litori to get the zone’s exclusive mounts, minions, and other items.

The Bozjan front is one of the most unique additions to FFXIV in ages, and takes far less effort than any of the Eureka grind. Check out our other Final Fantasy XIV guides here on GameSkinny.

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