FFXIV: Brayflox’s Longstep Hard Gobmachine G-VI Guide

A brief guide to Gobmachine G-VI, the final boss of Brayflox's Longstep Hard.
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This boss is by far the easiest of the three new FFXIV dungeons. For the most part, it’s a tank and spank with minor mechanics that will wipe the party. You honestly shouldn’t have any trouble getting to this boss.

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Getting Started:

Buff up as normal and have the tank pull the boss to the center of the room. Until 75%, there is really nothing to do except kill it. Watch out for Bombardment though, it’s an AoE blast with circles on the ground. Gobmachine attacks with AoE cone attacks, so don’t stand near the tank.

Here is the video for our successful kill.

Specific Mechanics:
  • 75% and 50%: Gobmachine summons two adds and starts circling the room. Kill the adds as Gobmachine is untargetable. Once the adds die Gobmachine spawns numerous bombs, use AoE abilities to push them to the edge of the room before they explode. If you don’t push them far enough the party will likely wipe.
  • 10%: For the most part this is similar to the previous stages. Three adds are spawned instead of two in this phase. The mini-bomb portion works exactly the same as before. After the mini bombs explode, a giant bomb spawns. You must kill this bomb very fast or the party will wipe. Gobmachine charges across the map and knocks back any players he hits during this portion.

As you can see, it’s a very simple fight that only needs a bit of team coordination. I’ll add a video reference once it’s done uploading. For more check out my FFXIV directory that includes Patch 2.2 guides.

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