FFXIV: Copperbell Mines Hard – Second Boss

Here is the guide to Gogmagolem and Biggy.
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For this fight, there are a few mechanics that return from the normal mode dungeon. Gogmagolem isn’t killed or tanked directly. Instead, you blow Gogmagolem up with Waymaker Bombs.

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Key Fight Mechanics:
  • There is a lever that someone must interact with to spawn the Waymaker Bomb. This bomb must be carried to Gogmagolem. The most efficient way is to have a geared melee DPS stand beside the boss with the bomb. This makes it easier when Gogmagolem starts walking aimlessly.
  • Rockslide only targets the individual who has aggro, the tank can hold aggro even though Gogmagolem wanders aimlessly. The best place for the tank to stand is the cart tracks, no other members should stand on these tracks.
  • Kindling Sprites will spawn randomly targeting a random individual. The DPS not on bomb duty needs to kill these.
  • Groups of three Blasting Caps will also spawn randomly, avoid their Self-Destruct attack.
  • At around 30% HP Gogmagolem will start using a move called Plaincracker. This move will leave a blue circle on the ground doing persistent damage, just walk out of it.
  • Once Gogmagolem is dead Biggy will spawn. Biggy is a large Spriggan and is  easy to kill. The only thing you have to worry about is the Shattering Caps. Shattering Caps are giant bombs that do a massive Self-Destruct, avoid them.
Extra Notes:

Decide beforehand who is on Waymaker Bomb duty and Sprite duty. The healer’s only job is to keep tabs on people’s health and avoid AoE’s. The tank’s job is to aim the Rockslides away from the group and to keep aggro. That’s pretty much it.

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