FFXIV Make It Rain: The Great Horn Heist Walkthrough

How to complete The Great Horn Heist to get your hands on the new /vexed emote.

How to complete The Great Horn Heist to get your hands on the new /vexed emote.
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It’s not summer without another Make It Rain campaign in Final Fantasy XIV pulling people into the Gold Saucer, and this year the event starts off with a sleuthing quest named The Great Horn Heist before you can get your hands on the new emote.

The 2021 Make It Rain campaign is lasting until August 11, at 7:59 a.m. PDT. As with every year, MGP gains are increased by 50% throughout the course of the event. It’s the best time to try your hand at the many GATEs, and to play the higher payout games at the Chocobo Square for MGP farming.

This year’s event quest will grant players a brand new emote, Vexed. This will be the only opportunity you will have to get this emote for free, so you’re going to have to suffer through The Great Horn Heist if you want to save yourself from spending $5 on the Mogstation for it later.

Additionally, a special event vendor named Campaign Attendant will be selling MGP prizes for reduced rates over the course of the event. They can be found at the location marked by a red circle in the map below.

New FFXIV Players: How to Unlock the Gold Saucer

If you are a new player and have not unlocked the Gold Saucer yet, you’ll need to do the quest named It Could Happen to You that begins in Ul’dah (x9.6, y9.0). This quest unlocks after you’ve completed at least one of the level 15 main story quests that send you as an envoy across the three main cities of Eorzea.

FFXIV Make It Rain 2021 The Great Horn Heist Walkthrough

There are not many quests in FFXIV that don’t have exact directions or indicators, which means this particular Make It Rain campaign is set to enrage at least a few people as they try to figure it out. (I know I got a little huffy at one point.)

To start the event quest, talk to Ollier in Ul’dah to pick up The Great Horn Heist, a quest of intrigue and mystery in the Gold Saucer tasking you to sleuth out a thief among staff and guests. Ollier’s location in Ul’dah is marked below.

You’re going to resume the quest at the Gold Saucer, which is going to send you all over the map to pick up clues.

Once you speak to Ollier in the Gold Saucer, then speak to the nearby Anxious Attendant, you’ll be tasked with questioning NPCs about what they witnessed around the time of the theft. Most of them do not need to be done in a particular order, but there are two that require you to speak to another NPC before they’ll spill the beans.

Below is a map of the Gold Saucer with the order in which I talked to NPCs to trigger the quest conclusion, and their names along with numbers are listed just below that.

  1. Brusque Brass Blade
  2. Brass Blade Recruit
  3. Astute Attendant
  4. Blabbering Brass Blade
  5. Effusive Attendant
  6. Cheery Attendant
  7. Frantic Attendant
  8. Choice Location (not an NPC)

Once you’ve done all this, the game will tell you that “Your search has yielded all the pieces of the puzzle. It is now up to you to put them together.” It’s time to take the evidence back to Ollier.

Now, if you weren’t paying attention you probably will not answer the line of questioning correctly. Which isn’t the biggest deal since you only get an MGP Bronze Card worth 5,000 MGP for your efforts, but if you want to do it right here are the proper responses:

  1. The true culprit is still out there!
  2. One of the attendant’s uniforms has gone missing!
  3. If you’re so sure he did it, then where is the horn?
  4. The horn was stolen while Hugue was still on duty!
  5. It’s you… Pipimaya!
  6. The stolen uniform was Lalafell-sized!
  7. But not all have a brother with eyes only for MGP.
  8. My most sincere apologizes, Master Mayapipi.

FFXIV: How to Get the Vexed Emote

After you’ve done all this, you are probably going to wonder where the heck your Ballroom Etiquette – Displaying Displeasure is to grant you the glory that is /vexed, and it’s.. right near Ollier.

Ignore the option to repeat The Great Horn Heist and look just nearby for a blue quest titled A Token of Thanks. You’ll get the emote from this quest, which is a one and done.

FFXIV How to Get the Senorita Sabotender

This is also new to this year’s Make It Rain, and can be purchased from the Campaign Attendant mentioned at the start of this guide, under Seasonal Event Prizes I and then the Others tab.

The Senorita Sabotender minion costs 21,000 MGP. The new Cactuar Stool and Cactuar Round Table furniture items are also available from this vendor and are quite cheap.

That’s about all you need to know about the Make it Rain Campaign 2021, which is certainly a more intensive endeavor than last year’s. Be sure to check out our complete FFXIV emote unlock guide, which goes over all the unlockable emotes in the game as well as how to get them, including those started by chain quests and their locations and requirements. Our other FFXIV guides are pretty ace, too.

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