FFXIV: The Knight’s Passage Guide

A brief guide to the Third chapter of the Lightning Event in FFXIV.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Chapter three of the Lightning event launched almost two hours ago. If you still need to do For the Winsome or Seeking the Scoop, check out the links I’ve provided.

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This time, the reporter you seek is Kipih Jakkya, located in the Old Gridania amphitheatre. Kipih talks about how the other two nations have had their articles about the happenings of Lightning, and how Gridania’s The Raven needs its own.

You can find Kipih here.

Kipih sends you to Coerthas Central Highlands, since that’s the last place Lightning was seen. There two rumored locations where the FATE Lightning Strikes – Dead On Arrival spawns, I have only seen it spawn at one. I missed the FATE when I first zoned into Coerthas, but saw it at Whitebrim, where the Cyclops FATE spawns. However, reading chat, it’s rumored to also spawn at The Weeping Saint, where the Dhorme Chimera fight is initiated. The second one I’ve been unable to confirm, but it’s worth note if you’re waiting for it to spawn.

The two locations for Lightning Strikes – Dead On Arrival.

The target of this FATE is a familiarly designed machine that’s been around since before Final Fantasy XIII. The Clockwork Dreadnought is pretty easy to beat. I don’t know if it has any special mechanics, because it was defeated too fast.

The Clockwork Dreadnought.

While you do still get another piece of gear for completing this FATE, I’d say that is not the real reward. Upon returning to Gridania and talking to Kipih, you get a very interesting cutscene. Between Lightning’s dialogue post FATE, and what she says in the cutscene, she alludes to the story of the new FFXIII game very subtly. For more walkthroughs, check out my list of FFXIV guides.

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