FFXIV: The Lost City Of Amdapor Diabolos Guide

Easy guide to the Diabolos fight in the Lost City of Amdapor dungeon.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

In this guide I’ll go through how to defeat Diabolos during The Lost City of Amdapor in Final Fantasy XIV. This fight is a lot more simple than it seems, the trick to it is using your markers on the doors that spawn at the start of the fight. Healers will operate the doors so that the DPS can continue bursting.

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Getting Started:

You have a short period of time to mark matching doors before they go blank once you start. Send the tank to start the fight, and have the healer get to work marking the doors with their corresponding match. This is a very important step, if skipped the party will wipe. Diabolos is stunnable, but you only want to stun Nightmare. I’ll cover more about the doors later.


We ended up just face tanking the first Ruinous Omen in this fight and only one member died. My first clear was much smoother than this run but we still succeeded in downing Diabolos.

Things To Watch Out For:
  • Gravity Orbs – Diabolos drops gravity orbs randomly, avoid these as they appear to do pulsing damage attacks.
  • Night Terror – This is a targeted ground AoE attack.Just run out of the circle and you’ll be okay.
  • Ultimate Terror – For this you want to be right under or far away from Diabolos, as he casts a ground AoE in a ring around him.
  • Nightmare – This is the only move you should try to stun, it puts party members to sleep and taking damage does not wake characters up. Even if the move goes off though, it’s not an instant wipe so don’t stress over it.
  • Ruinous Omen – This is the attack that requires the doors. As Diabolos starts this attack, the healer moves to one of the doors and opens it. Afterwards the healer moves to the matching counterpart. Wait until Diabolos’ casting meter gets to about 50% to open the second, maybe 75% if the doors are right next to each other. If done right, all players will be invulnerable to the attack. If missed, the attack will deal massive damage to all players likely one-shotting mages and DPS. I survived one as the tank, not really sure how though.

Additional Note:

It seems like you get a debuff for taking certain attacks that makes Diabolos’ attacks deal more damage. You can survive Ruinous Omen with no stacks on you, but it immediately applies three stacks. Taking Ruinous Omen with three stacks is instant death.

I had to do a lot of trial and error with this fight to figure out the door mechanic, but once we did the entire fight became simple. for more guides including additional 2.2 dungeon guides check out my FFXIV directory.

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