FFXIV: The Striking Tree – Ramuh Fight Guide

An in depth guide of what to expect during the Ramuh fight, The Striking Tree.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

In this guide I’ll cover the new Primal battle from FFXIV‘s 2.3 patch Defenders of Eorzea. Ramuh itself isn’t very difficult, the fight is just filled with several mechanics.

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Here is a list of all the attacks Ramuh and the Grey Arbiters use.

Ramuh: The Primal summoned by the Sylph. All of his attacks are lightning based, and he’s immune to Stun.

  • Rolling Thunder: Connects two party members with a blue line. During this attack you want to split up as it appears being close together causes you both to take damage.
  • Chaotic Strike: Puts a target on an individual, the targeted individual receives the Terror debuff when the skill completes. Terror freezes your character in place preventing all movements or actions from being performed. Getting hit by another lightning skill after Chaotic Strike removes the Terror.  (If you’re a melee and you get the target, move in closer to Ramuh, the Thunderspark attack is an easy way to break Terror.)

  • Thunderspark: An AoE circle centered around Ramuh, it does around 2k damage to players hit.
  • Thunderstorm: Puts a lightning circle around several party members, dragging this circle to a player affected by Terror will free them. The attack itself will do around 1k damage to players it targets or are within the circle.
  • Judgement Bolt: Ramuh does this move at 50%, if you did not clear the adds in time, Judgement Bolt is an instant wipe. If you did manage to clear the adds, Judgement Bolt just deal around 2k damage.

Grey Arbiter: These are the adds that Ramuh spawns before Judgement Bolt. The difference between these and the pillar mechanic in the Ifrit fight is that these adds actually fight.  I have seen an add spawn after Judgement Bolt, but the main add phase is important to prevent a party wipe.

  • Thunderbolt: A straight-line attack that hits everyone in its path. You can see a flickering static line of where the attack is placed prior to it going off.
  • Increased Sentence: It seems like this is what effects Judgement Bolt, meaning add phase is a DPS race, so that these do not stack too high.

Things to remember:

Since there isn’t a true strategy to this as it’s really simple, I’ll close up with a few things to remember.

  • Terror can’t be cleansed by a healer, the only way to remove it is to get the afflicted person hit by a lightning attack. The most common method is dragging a Thunderstorm circle to them. Thunderbolt from the Grey Arbiters does not remove Terror.
  • The little electricity balls floating around the arena add a debuff if you hit them. I didn’t quite catch what the debuff does during the fight, so be mindful of them. People are under the impression dragging a Thunderstorm to these balls removes them from the arena, I’ve seen no proof of this. The only way I’ve seen that removes them is by walking through them and getting the debuff.

I hope you found this guide useful, for more please check my FFXIV guide directory.

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