Celebrate your goals using our guide on how to do Griddy and other new celebrations in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: How to Do Griddy and Other New Celebrations

Celebrate your goals using our guide on how to do Griddy and other new celebrations in FIFA 23.

There are seven new celebratory moves and four signature moves in FIFA 23 that players can perform after scoring a goal using specific key combinations. These small celebrations add those special moments to each goal that stay in every soccer fan’s memory.

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Our guide will show you how to do Griddy and other new celebrations in FIFA 23. Simply follow the steps below, and soon all your goals will have their own special celebration moments.

How to Do Griddy (Eyes and Arms)

Griddy is the most popular celebratory move in FIFA 23, which originates from American football. In this case, players perform a little dance and imitate big “OK” eyes with their hands.

  • PC: LCtrl (hold) + Up + Up
  • PlayStation: R2 (hold) + Up + Up
  • Xbox: RT (hold) + Up + Up
  • Switch: Zr (Hold) + Up + Up

How to Do Gamer Celebration

The Gamer move was inspired by a famous Portuguese soccer player Diogo Jota, who is a huge fan of video games. In this move, players sit down on the grass and imitate playing a game using gamepad.

  • PC: D (hold) + Right + Left
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Right + Left
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Right + Left
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Right + Left

How to Do Eye of the Storm

This move is similar to Griddy, but in this case, players put one hand to the eye, and roll their fingers with the other hand.

  • PC: D (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)

How to Do Slide Salute

Here is another iconic real-life move inspired by the famous French soccer player Kylian Mbappe. In this move, players slide on their knees and give a salute with one hand.

  • PC: D (hold) + Right (hold)
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Right (hold)
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Right (hold)
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Right (hold)

How to Do Slide and Flex

If you like the slide move, but don’t like the salute, then use this move instead, which is a simple slide and flex.

  • PC: D (hold) + Down (hold)
  • PlayStation: R1 (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Xbox: RB (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Switch: R (Hold) + Down (hold)

How to Do Arm Swing

Arm Swing, also known as Boneless Walk, allows players to swing their arms in a free way.

  • PC: LShift (hold) + Right + Left
  • PlayStation: L1 (hold) + Right + Left
  • Xbox: LB (hold) + Right + Left
  • Switch: L (Hold) + Right + Left

How to Do Billionaire Strut

This move is a simple arrogant strut, when players walk freely holding their head up high.

  • PC: LShift (hold) + Down (hold)
  • PlayStation: L1 (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Xbox: LB (hold) + Down (hold)
  • Switch: L (Hold) + Down (hold)

How to Do Signature Moves

In addition to the seven moves above, there are four new signature moves that are specifically designed for these four players:

  • Mbappe’s Money.
  • Firminho’s Low Five and Flex.
  • Haaland’s Signature.
  • Pulisic’s Eye of the Tiger.

In each of these cases the key combos are the same:

  • PC: RMB (hold)
  • PlayStation: X (hold)
  • Xbox: A (hold)
  • Switch: B (Hold)

That’s everything you need to know on how to do Griddy and other new celebrations in FIFA 23. If you were looking for possible fixes to Anti Cheat error in FIFA 23, then follow the provided link.

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