Final Fantasy 16: How to Pet Torgal

Show your dog love and earn a trophy in FF16. Here's how to pet Torgal in Final Fantasy 16.

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If you’re like me, you’ll want to know how to pet Torgal in FF16. From the beginning of Final Fantasy 16, your companion Torgal is by your side. First as a fluffy puppy, then again as a grown dog skilled at hunting. While they may be a monster-slaying sidekick, they still deserve all the love. Here’s how to give the goodest boy in FF16 all the pets.

How to Pet Torgal in Final Fantasy 16

Even though you see Torgal in the FF16 prologue, you won’t be able to pet them until you first visit the Hideaway. Walking up to them, you’ll see a heart X above their head. When you see this heart, press and hold X to have Clive interact with Torgal. There are a few different interactions between Torgal and Clive that you can perform.

  • Clive pets Torgal
  • Clive gives Torgal a treat
  • Clive throws something for Torgal to chase

Though the interactions appear to be different, they all count as petting Torgal.

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Petting Torgal Trophy: You Can Pet the Dog

There’s more than just happiness to gain from petting Torgal in FF16 — there’s a trophy, too! Pet your best friend five times to earn the You Can Pet the Dog bronze trophy. Despite the fact that giving him enough scritches for the trophy seems easy to do, there are points in Final Fantasy 16 where you won’t be able to interact with Torgal. Sometimes, he just doesn’t want to be pet, whether he is busy or not. I found I finally got in all my pets when we were around Eastpool, albeit I didn’t repeatedly pet Torgal when the option was available.

That’s how to pet Torgal in Final Fantasy 16. For more guides, like how to unlock Photo Mode, start getting Hunts, or how to get a Chocobo, check out our FF16 guides hub.

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