Final Fantasy Type 0 HD: How to Breed and Capture Chocobos

Check this guide out for all the possible Chocobo you can breed in Final Fantasy type 0 HD!
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Chocobos are a long tradition in Final Fantasy games, but you can do more with them in Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. There are several kinds of Chocobos and you can breed them. You can also capture Chocobos to get rare breeds.

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In this guide, I’ll tell you all the kinds of Chocobos available in Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, as well as what you need to breed them. I’ll even explain what each one does so you can choose the right one for whatever situation you find yourself in.

This guide will go over Chocobo breeding and capturing including:

  • How to Breed and Capture Chocobos – What you need to breed and what to do to capture.
  • Chocobo Breeding Table – A table showing all the possible Chocobos and how to breed them.
  • Chocobo Types – Explanations of what each chocobo does and split into categories.

How to Breed and Capture Chocobos


First of all, capturing a Chocobo is very easy.

  • All you have to do is get close enough to one to capture it.
  • Most, if not all, Chocobos are impossible to catch on foot.
    • You need to ride a Chocobo of your own to move fast enough to capture.

You can start breeding in Chapter 2

  • Talk to the NPC near the stables to breed.
  • Must have a male and female, choose one of each.
  • You can also choose to use some type of Greens when breeding, but it is not required.
  • Some breeds need certain types of greens though.


Below is a list of each type of Greens.

  • Gyashl Greens – Increase chance of a different type of Chocobo.
  • Krakka Greens – Greatly increases chance of a different type of Chocobo.
  • Tantal Greens – Makes the Chocobo the same as the father.
  • Pahsana Greens – Makes the Chocobo the same as the mother.
  • Mimett Greens – Increases chances of getting a good Chocobo.
  • Reagan Greens – Greatly increases chances of getting a good Chocobo.
  • Sylkis Greens – Maximum increase of chance of getting a good Chocobo.
  • Curiel – Increases the number of Chocobos born.
  • Gyzahl – Greatly increases the number of Chocobos born.

Chocobo Breeding Reference Table

All breeds have a chance of breeding the same type as either of the parents, regardless of greens.

Example: Combat Chocobos and be bred by having a Combat parent and normal Chocobo parent.

Chocobo Type Parent 1 Parent 2 Greens
Chocobo Chocobo Chocobo None Needed
War Chocobo Chocobo Gyshal Greens
Combat War War or Chocobo Gyashl Greens
Assault Combat Combat Gyashl Greens
Swiftwind  Combat Combat Mimett Greens
Fleetfoot  Fleetfoot Fleetfoot or Chocobo None
Turbo  Fleetfoot Fleetfoot or Chocobo Pahsana Greens
Sonic Turbo Turbo Gyashl Greens
Supersonic Sonic Sonic Mimett Greens
Sidestepping Supersonic Supersonic Mimett Greens
Evasive Evasive Evasive or Chocobo None
Sneaky Evasive  Evasive or Combat Mimett Greens
Stealth* Evasive and Evasive Sneaky and Sneaky Reagan Greens if breeding both Evasive. Mimett if breeding both Sneaky. 
Knight* Supersonic and Swiftwnd Swiftwind and Swiftwind  Reagan if breeding Supersonic and Swiftwind. Sylkis for the other.
Ninja* Stealth and Stealth  Stealth and Swiftwind  Sylkis Greens 
Master* Ninja and Ninja  Knight and Ninja  Sylkis Greens 


* – These Chocobos are special and I’ve listed the two possible combinations needed under each parent. Example: Stealth needs both parents to be Evasive or both to be Sneaky.

Chocobo Types

  • Chocobo – Normal, nothing special.
  • War – Good defense and attack.
  • Combat – Better defense and attack.
  • Assault – High attack and great defense.
  • Swiftwind – Very High attack great defense.
  • Fleetfoot – Fast speed and low defense.
    • Can be captured in Jubanla region.
  • Turbo – Very fast speed and low defense.
  • Sonic – Fast speed and good defense.
  • Supersonic – Very fast speed and good defense.
  • Sidestepping – High evasion and very low defense.
  • Evasive – High evasion and some defense.
    • Can be captured in Innsmouth region.
  • Sneaky – High evasion and good defense.
  • Stealth – Decent attack, high evasion, and good defense.
  • Knight – Highest attack, and very good defense.
  • Ninja – Very high attack, good speed, good avasion and good defense.
  • Master – Highest in all stats.

That wraps up my Chocobo breeding guide for Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. Feel free to ask any questions or give suggestions in the comments. Please visit my Beginner’s guide for more help with the game.

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